January 2022
Greetings Friends:
On January 13, 2022, I celebrated my one-month anniversary as the Executive Director for LTR. Working alongside the amazing staff and volunteers at LTR has been a humbling experience for me. It is like nowhere that I have ever worked. Each day I wake up energized and motivated to come to work and make a difference in the lives of the people we serve. I feel truly honored to be a part of your team and am looking forward to a long partnership together.
In this issue of Horsepower, I have been given the privilege to share some key accomplishments from 2021.
Time, talents, and treasures are key factors in any nonprofit organization but when you combine these things with the “Healing Power of Horses”, you create an unstoppable recipe for success!
Volunteer time and support have always been the key factor in helping LTR thrive, and I am proud to report that in 2021 LTR benefited from 7,892 hours of volunteer support. To put this into perspective that amounts to $225,237.68 of in-kind time donated to us. That is an outstanding figure by all accounts, and you should all be proud. We truly appreciate your efforts.
A portion of these volunteer hours were dedicated to providing 157 hours of service to military veterans who are resolving their challenges related to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Traumatic Brain Injury they incurred in the line of duty while protecting our great nation. As a member of this family of 19 million veterans across the United States and a disabled veteran myself, this hits close to my heart and I am looking forward to doing more to support our heroes in the years ahead.
The last area that I will touch upon today is your unwavering financial commitment to LTR. As we all know, the past two years have seen unprecedented global and economic instability which has unfortunately led to many nonprofit organizations across the country closing their doors permanently. Thankfully, this has not been the case at LTR. Amid this global struggle, you came closer together than ever before and purchased our “forever home”. In the worst pandemic in recorded history, you raised more than $300,000 to make the purchase of the farm a reality. The words to describe how unique and unusual this is escape me. I can just say thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything that you do for LTR, from our major donors who go that extra mile to insure we are taken care of to our hard-core supporters who may not have a dollar to spend on themselves, but somehow find a dollar to support LTR, THANK YOU ALL!! We genuinely appreciate every penny and use them to achieve the utmost results for our participants and our equine partners. Until next time…
Yours In Service,
Paul D. Shane
Executive Director
So what's on deck for 2022?
The Winter Session began on January 10th, with 37 riders signed up to brave the cold. Lessons will be dependent on the temperatures and the road conditions, but it sure is nice to walk directly from the barn into the indoor arena.
Therapeutic Driving lessons will continue in the indoor arena, and outside as weather allows.

The Spring Session is scheduled to begin on March 14th.
Upcoming Events
Veterans' Open House - Saturday, March 26. Stay tuned for more information about this fun open house, designed for our military veterans.

Boots & Bridles Barn Dance - Saturday, May 21. LTR's first fundraising event at the new farm is an event you WON'T want to miss!
A group of intrepid volunteers worked for several hours on a blustery cold Saturday to refurbish the run-in shed for Lars, KJ, and Fabio. Thanks to the efforts of these volunteers, the boys were quite snug for the January storms of snow and ice!
Even over the holidays, running a farm is a full-time job. In the last few weeks, the arena has been leveled and old fence line has been replaced. Check out some of the important upgrades to our facilities and how your generous donations help us keep the farm in tip top shape:
Pika's Custom Fencing replaced old fenceline in the pastures - Program Director Kathy Blaine is so excited to see this project completed!
J & P Lawn Service and Excavating reworked the footing in both the indoor and outdoor arenas, improving the riding space dramatically!
Give Choose, Loudoun County's Day of Giving, is
Tuesday, March 29th.
Early Giving begins March 15!

Don't wait to wait 'til then? You can still support the 2021 Annual Appeal!
Remember, you can support a local business AND LTR by visiting Another Turn Tack in Purcellville - check out Gnomeo's Wish List.
Or you can purchase items from the Amazon Wish List (through Amazon Smile benefiting LTR!) and have it shipped DIRECTLY to us!
Do you have an old car, truck, RV, or boat that needs to move on to greener pastures?

Donate to and choose Loudoun Therapeutic Riding as the nonprofit beneficiary!

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