Getting the most out of your Trackless MT means putting it to work year round. The spring and summer months offer a great opportunity to keep your MT productive by adding one of our finishing mowers to your attachment portfolio.
74 Inch Front Flail Mower
Rotary Finishing Mowers
Boom Flail Mower
Almost every municipality
has several areas which prove difficult, unsafe or even impossible to mow. Ditches, steep inclines, over guard rails, down embankments and waters edge are usually characterized as being overgrown and unsightly. The Boom Flail Mower is the ideal attachment to take on the tall grass and weeds, brush, hedges and small trees that occupy these spaces.
General Info
Width of cut: 43½" (1105mm)
overall width of head: 53½" (1359mm) Horizontal reach: 13½-feet from center of MT to outside cut
Below grade cut: 53" (1346mm)
Vertical reach: 13½' (4115mm)
Overall level ground cutting coverage: 11-feet, starting 5" inside outer tire Number of cutting blades: 33
MT Prerequisites
You will need to have these options installed on the Trackless MT to be able to use this attachment.
  • Reversing Engine Fan (Standard MT7)
  • Tires: Dual Loader Lug - Front & Rear
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