Vol. 3
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Core Value 6
Definition from top Dictionaries-

the extent or length of reaching out.

designating or of a program designed to provide outreach

The community has done so much on helping our business become a success. We have been a part many amazing projects and done fireplaces in new constructions, new homes, offices, hotels, and many more different locations. When given the opportunity to give back to the community, we are happy to do so. Here at Fireplace Warehouse, we see the importance of outreach by reaching out to our local communities in order to see our community thrive. As a company, we are driven to help others outside of the office by doing outreach and continue to be better and be better.
Fireplace Warehouse: A Helping Hand to the Community
Find out how our employees have been a part doing outreach and volunteering their time to help others
COS I Love You is a city gospel movement that unites the church and the city through service for the community of Colorado Springs. Our own Dustin Detwiller has helped by building beds & bedding, dressers and furniture needs for children going into foster care or moving in with family members for whatever reason.  Find out more information here.
Invisible Disabilities Association raises awareness to those who have invisible illness, pain and disabilities. Fireplace Warehouse has worked closely with this association by being title sponsors, donating gift baskets, and our CEO, Joe Womack proudly being a Board Member. So far, we have donated roughly $32,000 towards this amazing organization and will continue to support. Check them out here.
Michelle Humphrey, our Business Developer, is a board member for HBA cares in Colorado Springs and helps with many projects to help the community! Interested in learning more? Check out their latest news here.
Through Professional Women in Business, Amy Abeyta and Faye Womack decorated children’s wagon like a pirate ship to donate to children with terminal illnesses. Faye also participated a fair for young mothers and their children.
FPWHS Q1 Must Read Book!

"Preventing BrandSlaughter: How to Preserve, Support, and Grow Your Brand Asset Value" written by David Mark Corbin has been nominated as the book to read for the first Quarter.

In this read, you will find if you are either building the brand or killing the brand.

Check out where you can get a copy here!
Employees New Year Resolutions
"My resolution for 2019 is to listen to my gut feelings and be more daring !"
- Kimberly, Denver

"Read more books. "
-Seth, Colorado Springs

"To reduce inventory at my house and pursue the next level of professionalism."
-Robert, Fort Collins

"This year I hope to travel more to the mountains with my family during the summer."
-Zach Leary, Denver
Every month we will be getting to know 2 teammates across the FPWHS organization a little better than we do already! Whether you see them everyday or haven't met them yet, or something in between, check out just a few fun facts you may not know below.
Welcome New Employees!
Out Fireplace Warehouse family grew a bit more with 3 new employees! Take some time and give them a warm welcome

We will have David Lynch working as a staff accountant in our Denver location. Welcome David here!

Kim Viles will be working as the showroom supervisor in our Denver location as well. Introduce yourself to Kim here!

Joshua Maestas begins working on the 25th in our Colorado Springs location as a sales representative. Congratulate him here !

Alvino Gallegos will also be working as a technician for our service department in the Denver location.
Featured Customer Reviews!!
Fireplace Warehouse, Colorado Springs Location

" We're a custom home builder. We've used Fireplace Warehouse, ETC - Colorado Springs for years. I've used other fireplace subcontractors and Fireplace Warehouse ETC - Colorado Springs just has better pricing . They also deliver better service . Fireplace Warehouse ETC - Colorado Springs is probably the best fireplace subcontractor in Colorado Springs, CO."

Fireplace Warehouse, Fort Collins Location

Experienced outstanding customer service and we absolutely love our Napoleon wood burning insert! Service and product went beyond our expectations . Thank you, Benjamin and team!
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