July 14, 2020
Welcome to our 10th issue of HotSheet!
We are excited that this is volume 10. As we continue on this COVID journey, we've learned a great deal about you and from you! We are excited this month to be named by the Washington Business Journal as one of the Greater DC Region's Top Business Advocacy Companies! And, as we continue on this marathon, we are experiencing some incredible feats. I ask that you continue to hang with us! Don't miss out on our next webinar as we talk to some of the world's largest government contractors. This is just a peep of what's to come. Stay tuned!
For the second year in a row, the Capital Region MSDC made the list! We moved up from #13 to #12 as designated by the Washington Business Journal as one of the
Top 30 Largest Business Advocacy Groups in Greater D.C.
Ranked by Revenue
GSA raises the STARS II ceiling again for the popular small business set-aside contract
The 8(a) Streamlined Technology Application Resource for Services II government wide contract, which offers a variety of IT solutions to federal agencies, is getting a significant increase in ceiling.

The General Services Administration announced a $7 billion increase in ceiling size for the popular small business contract to $22 billion.

“The 8(a) STARS II GWAC has exceeded all of our expectations. We’ve raised the contract’s ceiling more than once to accommodate demand,” said GSA Acting Assistant Commissioner, Office of Information Technology Category, Laura Stanton, in a statement. “As we move into this contract’s fourth generation we can say for certain that this program is a huge success. A significant number of prior 8(a) STARS program participants have grown their businesses so much that we now see them thriving with the big companies on GSA’s Alliant 2 GWAC.”

STARS II allows more than 50 agencies to purchase a variety of customized IT services and IT-services-based solutions from 787 small businesses. GSA Administrator Emily Murphy said the ceiling raise was partially attributed to agencies’ needs amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“As agency demand for IT products and services has increased during the COVID-19 pandemic, GSA is proud that STARS II will remain available to help agencies deliver world class IT services,” Murphy said.

The increase in STARS II funding follows GSA’s June 22 pre-solicitation notice for the next version of the vehicle STARS III. So far, GSA has said STARS III is expected to have a $50 billion ceiling, with a request proposal expected this summer.
July 1, 2020

Corporate America Stepping Up to Support Black Businesses & BLM Movement
 Many answer NMSDC’s call to action by pledging support to “In This Together Campaign”
(New York | July 1, 2020) In remarks made during the recent 2020 National Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC) Virtual Leadership Awards Ceremony and through an online message on NMSDC.org, President and CEO Adrienne Trimble firmly stated the organization’s commitment to facilitating change for the nation’s Black business community. Ms. Trimble’s appeal challenged business leaders to, “Not only lend a hand to our Minority Business Enterprises (MBEs), but to take definitive action and stand up against the systemic racial barriers plaguing our society.”

The economic disruption caused by COVID-19 shutdowns coupled with closures as civil protests erupted in many communities is particularly devastating to Black businesses. The Small Business Administration’s Payroll Protection Program (PPP) has helped some black businesses but our surveys have identified that many still need additional support. Many Black-owned businesses across our country are now at risk of having to close their doors permanently. According to data from the National Bureau of Economic Research, as of May 2020, 41% of Black-owned businesses had closures due to COVID-19.

In response to the crisis facing their certified MBEs, NMSDC launched the “In This Together” campaign – a portfolio of initiatives and programs to help expedite recovery efforts within the Black business community. NMSDC issued a call to action asking Corporate Members to fortify and recommit to their organization’s utilization of minority businesses by supporting:
  • PPP Funding Access;
  • The REBUILDING Fund;
  • The Minority Business Advocacy Initiative;
  • The NMSDC Business Consortium Fund;
  • NMSDC Academy.
Wells Fargo MBE Academy
The Capital Region Minority Supplier Development Council (CRMSDC) is preparing to launch an MBE Business Development Program next month in partnership with Wells Fargo. This three session program will give certified minority businesses much needed exposure and an opportunity to learn more around how to grow and sustain their businesses.

The program will begin in August and conclude in October. Each month there will be sessions focusing on access to capital, strategies around business growth and talent management.

We are excited about Wells Fargo's commitment to our minority business enterprises and the opportunity to provide training, development and resources to our business enterprises.

To be considered, please send your contact information to crmsdc@crmsdc.org. Please place Wells Fargo MBE Academy in the subject line. Submit your interest no later than Friday, July 17, 2020.

Revenue less than $5 million
Have not participated in previous CRMSDC MBE Academy
Fairfax County Companies in Fortune’s Top 500 
Fortune has unveiled its 2020 list of the 500 largest publicly traded American companies, and just like it did in 2019, Fairfax County has a new entrant.

Reston’s Science Applications International Corp. (NYSE: SAIC) enters the Fortune 500 at No. 466 with $6.38 billion in 2019 revenue, up 37% from the previous year, and $226 million in profits, up 65% from 2018. It is one of 11 Fairfax County companies in Fortune’s top 500, of which four are in the top 100: Freddie Mac at No. 41, General Dynamics Corp. (NYSE: GD) at No. 83, Northrop Grumman Corp. (NYSE: NOC) at No. 96 and Capital One Financial Corp. (NYSE: COF) at No. 97.

Amazing things happen when entrepreneurs get together to share information that helps them grow.

Over 25 CRMSDC NMSDC-Certified CEOs were on the call where they discussed getting to know each other, explored working together, shared elevator pitches, identified opportunities to form teams and uncovered upcoming opportunities.

“People do business with people they know, like and trust” said MBEIC Chair Kevin Williams, which is one of the reasons why the Communications Committee, Co-Chaired by MBEs Julie Diaz-Asper and Mark Evans, came up with the concept.

Tommy Marks, Director of the MBDA Federal Procurement Center made a guest appearance. He helped MBEs to understand how to leverage each other and the essence of teaming.

The meeting was hosted by ShareTech Technologies on the Microsoft Teams platform that allows for an array of tools to help participants communicate more effectively and efficiently. This is especially important in our COVID new normal.

Moving forward, the Elevate MBE CEO initiative will be a new way for MBE’s to collaborate, on a regular basis, get to know each other, do more business with each other, and ultimately increase our MBE to MBE spend.

Don’t miss out! Join your peers the second Friday of every month. Next session is Friday, August 14, 2020.

Stay tuned for more information…
Here are some of the latest PPE Opportunities compiled by GovPurchase.
Boerne Independent School District,TX - RFP 20-004 Medical & PPE Supplies, Materials & Equipment
MI: RFP 20-010-232 Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)
Department Of Veterans Affairs - 6515--PPE - GOWNS (Level 2, Level 3 and Level 4)
Broward Sheriff's Office - PPE AND SUPPLIES
Department Of Veterans Affairs - 6515--PPE - GOWN - COVID-19 - 36E776-20-AP-0267 (VA-20-00053277)
As we continue to navigate changing dynamics in the wake of COVID-19, CRMSDC is planning more webinars to inform and support our community. Upcoming topics will include:
COVID-19 Recovery – Transportation Industry & SBA Update
Cybersecurity Requirements for the Federal Government
Contact Tracing – The New Frontier for MBEs
More details to come…
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