APRIL 24, 2020
I don't know about you, but it seems I'm busier now more than ever. It is hard to keep up with all that's going on with COVID-19. We had a successful webinar on Tuesday and it is available for your viewing (see below).

This week's hot and burning topic is, of course, the new round of funding. We also heard about public companies that obtained the prior round of funds intended for small businesses. We need to understand if you have applied and/or received your EIDL or PPP loans. Since the data is not readily captured, please help us help you by filling out our survey.

Please keep scrolling… this issue is filled with stories about our hardworking MBEs making a difference during the COVID-19 pandemic.
How has the pandemic affected your business? Have you been able to access emergency grants and/or forgivable loans? We need to know.
If you weren't able to join us this past Monday, we've posted " Where is the Money Part II" for you to watch at your convenience.
202.256.0303 | monica@innovatorsbox.com
During COVID-19, it's crucial to pace your approach in how we communicate and collaborate. Here are resources from InnovatorsBox to develop techniques to avoid miscommunication, stay positive and creative while working remotely.

InnovatorsBox is a creative leadership firm specializing in unlocking creativity in the workplace. Through experiential programming, we help leaders learn how to build a creative mindset, solve a problem creatively, and connect people together in a creative way. From the customized creative workshop, facilitation, curriculum development, consultation, coaching, and card games, we center curiosity, fun, and effectiveness to help participants sustain their learning and take action. Your people are important and the problems you are looking to solve are complex. Let us help you by unlocking your company's and team's creativity. InnovatorsBox® is a creative education firm that catalyzes sustainable change at the level where it matters the most: your mindset. We believe that everyone is innately creative and that creativity has the power to solve every organizations challenges, no matter the industry. Whether you’re addressing company culture, professional development, or any other organizational challenge, our customizable approach targets your specific pain point through creativity. Our educational programs, products and interactive exercises help develop and grow professionals creative mindsets to catalyze both personal and organizational change.
703.391.5633 | spanaval@pantheon-inc.com
Covid-19 brings technical and business process challenges. As a result, Pantheon offers remote-working/telewoking solutions that allow remote productivity at high levels and keep businesses operational, secure, and reliable. Odyssey Digital Automation provides rapid solutions to the challenges of managing scattered teams, and enabling digital connectivity, digital security, and data integrity.
Pantheon Incorporated is headquartered in Northern Virginia and has been in business since 1997 with offices in USA, Brazil, Canada, Hungary, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and India. Pantheon has three lines of businesses - IT Consulting Services, Software Products and Turnkey, and Software Project Services. The company was started with the vision to create innovative solutions that has positive impact to the way we live and work. Our flagship software product Odyssey provides next generation workflows automation solution for IT and business processes.
888.475.8044 | ops@star-enterprises.org
STAR Enterprises is providing COVID-19 deep cleaning services to DC government buildings, fire stations, public schools and other amenities. Employees are committed to making sure facilities are clean and safe. “STAR quality stands for, S- Superior, T- Timely, A-Adaptable, R-Reliable Results and I couldn’t be prouder” stated, CEO Naomi Brown.
STAR Enterprises believes there’s pride in service and promotes a company culture that ensures "Great services provided to clients, Great work environment for staff and Great community impact". STAR provides facilities/janitorial, staffing, training services to over 45 luxury boutique hotels and commercial construction businesses across the District of Columbia and Pennsylvania. CEO, Naomi D. Brown, brings over 15 years of operations, financial management and human resources knowledge to each client relationship and guarantees Performances Not Promises. STAR cultivates workforce talent through partnerships with the District of Columbia Department of Employment Services. Star Enterprises invests in DC residents, and the communities in which they reside by participating in Project Empowerment and One City One Hire transitional programs. These initiatives help residents who face multiple barriers to employment, such as previous incarceration records, gain work. Through research we have found that most contractors only provide small percentages of their services to the hospitality and construction industries. Subsequently, they lack the prior training, certifications and work experience imperative to properly service these segments. STAR was created to combat this shortage and our staff has mastered a variety of effective job processes including but not limited to hazardous waste removal and green cleaning procedures.
517.449.3372 | soultree1@yahoo.com
Soul Tree, LLC has PPE items that include Face Masks, Isolation Goggles, Hand sanitizer, face shields, COVID-19 individually packaged safety kits and One piece protective suits. The sanitizers and individually packaged kits can be custom branded. We produce items daily and can deliver through their internal delivery system.
Soul Tree, LLC was formed in 2011 by former D.C. Public Schools classroom teacher and instructional coach, Marni Barron. As a Washington D.C. based Certified Business Enterprise (CBE), Soul Tree is an energetic education, training, and consulting company focused on helping Government Agencies, Corporate Customers, and Schools solve complex challenges and capitalize on new market opportunities. As a 2018 Top 100 MBE award winner, Soul Tree fulfills its customer needs in the areas of Staffing, Program Management, Workforce and Professional Development, Training and Curriculum Development, Social Services.
202.944.8787 | info@dcihq.com
In these times of social distancing due to Covid-19 our society has moved to expanded distance learning, virtual meetings, health status tracking and even more devices operating on a limited network to handle our needs. DCI has been busy with providing essential services deploying Small Cell Antennas to support a new 5G Verizon network for the Tri-State DMV area to increase bandwidth communication capacity.
Dynamic Concepts, Inc. (DCI) is a Washington DC based business providing Technology and Utility Infrastructure Services including, Network buildout, project management, Infrastructure installation, and maintenance services. DCI has 41 years of experience delivering the highest quality in infrastructure services for utilities, commercial, federal and state government organizations. DCI Utility Infrastructure Services provides design, installation, maintenance and construction of all of the connecting facilities required to support our public utilities and strategic workforce training, in particular, the telecommunications, gas pipeline, and electrical distribution industries.

DCI is currently providing the essential services to maintain critical services during the Covid-19 pandemic crisis. Maintaining the community’s vital utility facilities is a crucial component to our stability for healthcare, EMS, home education, teleworking and overall social distancing. DCI is on the forefront of building out the next generation (5G) of communications that will increase speeds by 100X and capacity by 1,000X which will give our communities the underpinning for apps that can help monitor individual temperatures, support Artificial Intelligence (AI), bandwidth for work telecommuting and family zoom sessions. DCI is preparing our community for the new world order of living.
202.499.4360 | info@blackfoxgroup.com
Black Fox offers a series of contingency and disaster planning services to public, private and nonprofit organizations. Last year, Black Fox developed a disaster action plan for a client, which included a telework policy and practice session. With COVID-19, Black Fox advised its customers to activate the Telework Policy to mitigate the spread of the virus. This action managed a 100% noninfectious rate for our customers and non-stop operation.
Black Fox helps the private, public and nonprofit agencies and organizations achieve its mission of mission assurance by providing innovative, proven cost-effective information systems, technology support, contingency and mission support services. Black Fox has highly experienced professional services tailored to the unique needs of enterprise technology programs and systems.
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