August 2020
Creating Opportunities
HOW is grateful to be able to help anyone in the community who qualifies (including HOW clients) access important financial resources through two exciting new grant funded programs. The relief offered by these opportunities is vitally important during the current economic crisis.

The Illinois Housing Development Authority (IHDA) launched its housing emergency assistance program this week to provide financial aid to those who are struggling to pay their rent or mortgage. As a nonprofit partner HOW is helping to spread the word and assist with the application process. The program is two-fold and focuses on renters during its first round of aid, followed by homeowner assistance. Applications for IHDA's rental emergency assistance program are currently open and will be accepted from August 10 - 21. Mortgage emergency assistance applications will not open until August 24. To learn more or see if you qualify for financial aid, click here.

Through a separate Get My Payment grant, HOW is working to ensure that individuals who qualified and did not receive their federal government stimulus payment, collect their allotted funds. Through August 24, HOW staff members are supporting individuals in completing applications as well as setting up bank accounts. HOW is also assisting with the verification and application process to ensure individuals' information is up-to-date. You can learn more about the program at
HOW is excited to announce its second annual Day of Giving on August 25th. HOW has created a variety of ways to participate which seek to engage our community of supporters in a deeper understanding of the complex, intersectional issues that impact our clients' lives. This year we are focusing on the critical topic of eviction. Supporters and all those interested are invited to participate in a day of learning and virtual gatherings to explore the eviction crisis, its roots in systemic racism and housing inequity, and the pandemic's amplifying effect.

We are looking for supporters to help make the day a success by inviting their network to participate in large or small ways - from making a donation to sharing on social media to facilitating group discussions. Click here to find out how you can participate, engage your network, and help HOW meet its fundraising goal .
HOW's Essential Supplies Drive-thru - Thank You!
Thank you to all those who donated, volunteered, and spread the word about HOW's Essential Supplies Drive-thru last month. We received a wide variety of critical items for clients who have been unable to secure them during recent months because of limited inventory, difficulty shopping, and prohibitive costs. We have already distributed all the donations to clients across the city helping them stay healthy and safe.

A special shout out to the staff, Associate Board, and Advisory Council members who braved the heat at our collection sites, and special thanks to our partners Euclid Avenue United Methodist Church, Jewel Osco, and Glencoe Union Church.
In March HOW quickly adapted its programming to ensure clients remained stably housed AND supported during the difficult months ahead.
Adapting to the Virtual Landscape
In January 2020 HOW's Employment Program (HEP) launched its week-long employment workshop with revamped materials, resources, and topics for job seekers. By May HEP successfully modified the 5-day workshop for a virtual setting by including videos, adding online group exercises/assessments and integrating digital literacy components into the curriculum. HEP loaned laptops to participants for use throughout their job search and ensured clients had proper wifi connections. Despite some initial challenges stemming from a lack of access to technology, these virtual workshops are already seeing success with 6-8 participants in each session. HOW's Employment Specialists have also noticed participants are more relaxed and actively contributing in discussions. Thus far three of clients who have participated in the workshop have received jobs.
HOW Case Manager, Stephanie K., getting ready to bring the energy as a virtual HOW Bingo host.
Keeping Community Despite the Distance
HOW's extensive support services are built around the premise that personal connection and community are fundamental to one's health. Throughout the year, Case Managers run workshops on topics identified by clients. These sessions give clients the opportunity to share their struggles and successes, build community, and learn about additional resources. HOW's Case Management team is continuing to offer these sessions via Zoom and has covered topics including gratitude, anxiety, and relapse prevention thus far. The team also recently hosted a virtual bingo social for clients!
The Supportive Housing Providers Association is running a campaign and educational series regarding Illinois’ Fair Tax Amendment which will be on the ballot in November. Currently, the state mandates a flat rate income tax across all incomes. The Fair Tax Amendment would change the state's policy to a graduated income tax. Learn more about the Fair Tax Amendment here.
According to one of America's leading eviction experts, millions of Americans may lose their housing as a result of the pandemic. As a part of HOW's annual Day of Giving the organization has created a learning guide around the topic of eviction. The guide outlines videos, articles, books, and podcasts around the topic. Check it out here!
Empowering individuals and families to break the cycle of poverty and homelessness.
Since 1983, HOW has been a leader in permanent solutions to homelessness. Through prevention strategies; expanded, affordable, supportive housing; and individualized support services we have helped thousands take back their lives. 
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