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A trip to a city is a very different experience than a relaxing, easy, breezy, all-inclusive resort. The options are endless and sometimes the choices can be overwhelming. How do you find things to do? Then, how do you choose? If you like to plan things in advance, it may be helpful to check out the tools below before speaking with your travel agent to create your itinerary.

Tool #4 Google Maps

Google Maps has some amazing features that can greatly assist you if you are planning a trip to a city. By using the “Nearby” feature, you can look up a location where you know you will be, like your hotel, and then search “restaurants,” or “things to do,” or “museums” that are close in proximity... read more.

Tool #3 Citymapper

Citymapper, although not available in all cities, is essentially Google Maps for public transportation 6.0. It weighs all of your public transportation options in one place including subway, bus, bike share, Uber, Lyft, and walking... read more.

Tool #2 YouTube

Google Maps may help you find good restaurants or spots you wish to visit, but how do you know what it will really be like? See it on video. Type into YouTube’s search bar the name of the spot you may wish to visit plus the word “vlog” and you will mostly likely find countless travelers and residents of the area sharing their opinions and taking you along with them as they visit... read more.

Tool #1 Your Travel Agent

At the end of the day, your travel agent is the best tool you have ... read more.
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