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How to: Keep your face
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How to: Keep your face on in Florida
Moving here from another state has its adjustments.  The difference in the humidity and searing heat of the sun combined with a rainy season ( and let’s not forget hot flashes) has played havoc on my hairstyle choices and make up decisions over the years. As a professional I need to look put together, and although a pony tail bun will suffice on most days, my face has nowhere to hide and was often D.O.A .  I've tried many expensive brands, drug store standbys, and went bare faced in rebellion with only a little mascara.   How do those other women keep their faces on?   What is their secret?   I am not sure I have discovered their secret, but I do have my own to share. 
Do you trade in cars for pennies on the $ ?
Written by: Steve Martin Smith
When you trade in your dirty old car to the dealership, they give you a fraction of what it will be worth on the lot.  Then it goes off to their detail experts before they present it to the buying public.

The cost of detailing is quite expensive, yet they all do it . The building, the tools, the supplies, the water and electric, the management and staff all come at a substantial price. If car dealerships used the same approach as many REALTORS and home sellers use, we’d have some pretty gross ....

Cake, Pizza, and Bourbon
Written by: Katrina Smith
Steve and I have lost about 20lbs each over three months’ time and we still enjoy our cocktails at the end of the day and eat cake. 
I will share with you a few ways we have changed the carbohydrate content of the foods we love to eat and drink. 
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