Spring 2019 Edition
HP Arts is a Non-Profit Organization Supporting HPISD Arts Education Since 1987 
April Fools.... or Not??

A mime is a terrible thing to waste!  

We need your support today!

April 1st is a fun day to be silly, but it's no joke that HP Arts needs your help! Founded on the principal that arts education plays a vital role in the overall development and academic success of our students, HP Arts has been working hard this year funding arts enrichment and education across all seven schools in HPISD. This past year, through the generous support of parents, community members and our cornerstone benefactor, La Fiesta de las Seis Banderas, HP Arts has been fortunate to be able to fund more than $92,000 in teacher requests from all campuses for arts programming, technology, performances, clinicians and instruments. Perhaps your robotics student has had the opportunity to design and create on the new 3D printer or your music student was fortunate enough to attend a master class presented by one of the many distinguished musicians that have visited our campuses this year. Or maybe your elementary student discovered a love of percussion after attending the "Strike, Scrape and Shake" show at their campus. Whatever your student's age or interest, chances are, they have benefitted from the district-wide funding provided by HP Arts. If you no longer have a student in HPISD but still wish to support the arts with a contribution, we appreciate your consideration at this time.  Thank you for renewing your support of HP Arts.

But there are additional innovative and exciting programs on the horizon! Teachers across all campuses have more exciting and enriching programs planned for our students. New construction on many fine arts spaces at MIS/HPMS and HPHS is nearing completion and there are technology and equipment needs for those new spaces. We have already received worthy funding requests that exceed our current resources. We need your help in order to support arts programming for the rest of the 2018-19 school year. Please take a moment to click on the link below and donate to our organization. Our work impacts every child in HPISD, not just through fine arts classes, but also through literary workshops, STEAM classes and more. Any amount is greatly appreciated and will positively impact our students. Thank you for helping us to support all students...even those mischievous mimes.

HP Arts Appreciates Teachers and Administrators

HPISD Fine Arts Faculty
HPISD Fine Arts Faculty
HPHS Asst. Choir Director Neal Patel and HPHS Orchestra Director Tara Cesario
Bradfield Elementary Music Teacher Jonathon Foley and Bradfield Elementary Principal Regina Dumar
HPHS Art Educator Peggy Bollman, HPHS Fine Arts Teacher Terry Letterman, HPMS Asst. Orchestra Director Ben Mitchell, and HPMS Orchestra Director Sarah Willson
HP Arts President Jill Dalton, HPISD Superintendent Dr. Tom Trigg, and HP Arts Board Member & Special Events Chair Trisha Terraciano-Spence
Kay Braly and La Fiesta de las Seis Banderas Represenatives Kathy Sockwell, Polly McKeithen, Elizabeth Gambrell, and Rebecca Beasley

Highlander Strings Quartet
Park Version

HP Arts hosted its annual Teacher Appreciation event at the UP Library on January 29 for our amazing Fine Arts teachers and administrators in appreciation of everything they do. Members of La Fiesta de las Seis Banderas joined HP Arts board members in the celebratory evening. Tasty bites and refreshments were served and entertainment was provided by our very own Highlander Strings Quartet and Park Version. The evening was enjoyed by all!

Funding Spotlight:  Supporting STEAM Initiatives

STEAM is an educational curriculum that incorporates the core of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), but adds Art to the mix. Its about applying creative thinking to STEM projects and sparking imaginations, incorporating artistic and design-related skills into the learning process.

HPISD is in the second year of a five-year 5.8 million dollar grant from the Moody Foundation that supports teacher professional development, providing enhanced technology, and funding staff to facilitate the design of relevant, engaging, integrated learning opportunities. With the rapidly developing program, numerous initiatives are already underway. In fact, you can see many of them in the HPISD STEAM Newsletters (click here).

HP Arts proudly supports teacher funding requests related to STEAM initiatives in an effort to support the continued expansion of arts education beyond the walls of the fine arts classroom and into every part of the curriculum.

Google Expeditions Kit for LOTE

The Languages Other Than English (LOTE) department at HPISD will soon be getting a new Google Expeditions Kit funded in part by HP Arts. Expeditions is Google's app designed to expand what's possible in the classroom with virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). VR allows you to explore the world virtually with over 900 expeditions from Mount Everest to the Louvre, while AR brings abstract concepts to life with over 100 expeditions such as swirling tornados and buzzing beehives that can all be brought into the classroom. The Google Expeditions Kit purchased includes teacher and student devices, VR viewers, chargers and a router to allow up to 30 students to participate at a time.

In the words of Highland Park High School LOTE Department Chair, SeƱora Moises,  "Talking about culture and practices in a book or video can be interesting, but learning about them AT Macchu Pichu, AT the Guggenheim Museum of Art, or IN la Sagrada Familia is indelible.  We could transport our students to any place!"

Google Expeditions for the UK: Take your students around the world in VR
Google Expeditions for the UK: Take your students around the world in VR
Expeditions AR - Bringing the world into the classroom
Expeditions AR - Bringing the world into the classroom

3D Printer for Robotics

HP Arts, in partnership with PC-TAG, purchased a top-of-the-line 3D printer for HPHS Robotics, bringing their total number of 3D printers to four. The new printer can print two colors at one time and can be controlled and monitored remotely, allowing for longer projects to continue outside of class hours. With two robotics classes (Robotics 1 & 2) and six club teams that meet on Saturdays, the printers are put to good use!

Robotics students use the 3D printers to create customized parts that are then used to create their visions for robotics competitions. But long before they print, each part must be designed. The 3D design process begins with modeling, and students create models utilizing computer-aided design (CAD) software. Cue the "Art" in STEAM!  

Students with 3D Printers
Robotics Teacher Timothy Thomas and HPHS Robotics Students

HP Arts - Around the District
HP LitFest

The 23rd annual Highland Park Literary Festival took place in February. Seeking to inspire and encourage students, teachers, and the community to celebrate language in all of its forms. HP LitFest included an assembly with the keynote speaker funded by La Fiesta de la Seis Banderas, a community event, and more than 100 small group workshops that showcased and provided access to professionals who offer guidance and inspiration.

HP LitFest is the recipient of the largest HP Arts programs funding for 2018-2019, co-sponsoring the workshops with HPHS PTA. Workshops available to HPHS students were journalism, poetry, graphic novels, songwriting, nonfiction writing, fiction writing, photojournalism, screenplay direction and writing, and on being an editorial cartoonist/illustrator. New for this year, several of the workshop presenters also presented to 8th  grade students at HPMS thanks to funding provided by PC-TAG.

HP LitFest also encompassed student and parent book clubs, Flick Fest for LitFest, Open Mic Night and a Student Writing Contest. An Awards Breakfast will be held April 25 to recognize the winners of the Student Writing Contest and Open Mic Night.

HP LitFest is made possible with the cooperation of the HPHS English department faculty, and by generous donations from La Fiesta de las Seis Banderas, HPHS PTA, HPISD families, PC-TAG, and HP Arts.

Dr. Nnedi Okorafor
Keynote Speaker & Character Development Workshop
Kurt Voelker
Writer and Director of The Bachelors,
featured at Flick Fest for HP LitFest &
Screenwriting/Directing Workshop
Ben Montgomery
Workshop:  Let It Go - What Disney Songs Can Teach Us About Writing
William (Bubba) Flint
Workshop: Creating a Graphic Novel
Benji Harris
Workshop: The Art of Songwriting Workshop

A Day of Drumming at HPISD Elementary Campuses

Funded by HP Arts, HPISD elementary students at all four campuses experienced the Rhythm Path Day of Drumming Program in January. This exciting program allows for every child to play their own djembe drum within a drum circle. The djembe is a rope-tuned skin-covered goblet drum played with bare hands, originally from West Africa. The name of the djembe comes from the saying "Anke dje, anke be" which translates to "everyone gather together in peace" and defines the drums purpose. The "Day of Drumming" experience focuses on important skills like teamwork, self-expression, and communication while exposing them to the music and culture of West Africa.

Nathan Hale Visits MIS/HPMS

Author Nathan Hale and MIS/HPMS Students
Q&A Lunch
Library Media Specialist Katherine Harrison, Nathan Hale, and Raider Librarian Jill Belomy
Book Signing

On February 5, best-selling author and Raider favorite Nathan Hale visited MIS/HPMS, speaking to 5th and 7th grade students. The students were captivated by Mr. Hale's presentation where he told a true story about the explorations of Lewis and Clark while illustrating the adventure on his iPad projected on the screen.

During his day on campus, Mr. Hale hosted a lunch with 7th and 8th grade students during which he answered questions about his books, writing, illustrating, and publishing. He also led a writing workshop for 5th and 6th graders. The students who attended participated in imaginative pre-writing activities and then created original comics. Throughout the day Mr. Hale signed books, adding a special illustration in each.

A gifted illustrator and storyteller, Nathan Hale inspired readers, writers, and artists at MIS/HPMS. HP Arts is proud to have provided funding for this unforgettable experience.

Camcorders for HPHS Film and Journalism Students

Camcorders are essential to the Audio/Video Production program as students explore the art, science, and business of film and video production. HP Arts proudly funded two new camcorders for our future writers, producers, and journalists!

"Take A Seat" Funds at Work

The cast and crew of Marat/Sade show HP Arts their appreciation.

In November, we announced plans to purchase a new, state-of-the-art projection system, allowing for modern and versatile backdrops on the stage in the HPHS auditorium. The new system is now in place and made its debut on March 25 in the HPHS theatre 2019 UIL One-Act Play The Persecution and Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat as Performed by the Inmates of the Asylum of Charenton Under the Direction of the Marquis de Sade by Peter Weiss .

HP Arts congratulates Theater Director Christine Hathcock along with the entire cast and crew on advancing through District and Bi-District!  They will be performing in the Area competition on April 6.  HP Arts is proud to have helped Mrs. Hathcock achieve her vision for the production. With the new projector, they were able to do what would normally take four separate projectors. According to Mrs. Hathcock, "Our uses for this projector are limitless!".

Thank you for your support of the "Take A Seat" fund. We look forward to continuing to invest in the HPHS Palmer Auditorium with your help!

"Take A Seat" at HPHS

Looking for a graduation gift? The "Take A Seat" program might be your solution. Your $500 donation will honor your child, family member, a favorite teacher or HPISD organization in the HPHS Palmer Auditorium! The elegantly engraved brass plaque is prominently displayed on the arm of the auditorium chair. Funds raised are used for ongoing improvements in the auditorium areas.

If you would like to support HP Arts through the "Take A Seat" program, please contact Tassio Carvalho at   takeaseat@hparts.org.

Play It Again, Sam!

The HP Arts Program, "Play It Again, Sam!" is designed to recycle instruments from the community back into the school music programs.  The instruments are considered a donation to HP Arts and are eligible for a tax-deductible contribution.

If you, someone you know, or even someone you encounter on Facebook (Park Cities Chatter!?), has an instrument to donate, please contact Steve Gruber at playitagainsam@hparts.org.

Attention All HP Arts Members

All members of HP Arts are cordially invited to join us on Thursday, May 2nd at 12pm in the HPHS Palmer Auditorium for our final meeting of the 2018-19 school year. Lunch will be provided by our very own Scots Cafe.

Kindly RSVP to contact@hparts.org.

Board of Directors

HP Arts Board of Directors  2018-2019

Executive Committee
President                                           Jill Dalton
Vice President                        Megan Lembcke
Secretary                                     Tammy Testa
Treasurer                                  Jennifer Murray
Programs Chair                               Carla Moss

Programs Committee
Programs Chair                              Carla Moss
Armstrong Elementary                     Aimee Cali
Bradfield Elementary                   Shari Handler
Hyer Elementary                          Melissa Allan
UP Elementary                              Kristen Pratt
MIS/HPMS                                 Sally Schedler
HPHS                             Georgianna Moreland

Publicity Committee
eNews                                        Mikee Smythe
Artisan                                            Niki Hudson
Instagram                        Georgianna Moreland
HPHS Publicity                                  Kelli Miller
HPMS Publicity         Trisha Terraciano-Spence
MIS Publicity                                 Dorota Baird

Website                                    Megan Lembcke
Arrangements                          Victoria Steindorf
Membership                                          Ting Cai 
             Shari Handler
Play It Again, Sam!                        Steve Gruber
Special Events           Trisha Terraciano-Spence
Sponsorships                                      Kelli Miller
Student Art Coord.                        Janese Deitch
Take A Seat                                Tassio Carvalho