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Thought for the Week:

“I think a hero is any person
really intent on making
this a better place for all people.”

Maya Angelou

 In worship this week:
July 15, 2018

Pastor: Rev. Janie McElwee-Smith

Guest Preacher: Rev. Dr. Michael Elmore

Pianist: Ana Paula Simoes

Liturgist: Carol Behrmann

Ushers: Mike and Connie Leonard

Hospitality: Mike and Connie Leonard
Flowers this Sunday are
presented to the glory of God
by Mike and Connie Leonard.
Focus on HPC:     
Why is this our 35 th Anniversary?

In the spring of 1982 the Presbytery of South La. with the New Church development committee issued a call to the Rev. Robert Lee Nichols, Jr. to serve as Evangelist and Organizing Pastor for a new church on Highland Road. Dinners were held in various homes, providing an opportunity for those interested in the new church to meet and share their ideas. 

On the Day of Pentecost, May 30, 1982, the first worship service was held on in the living room of the house on the Highland Road property. In God’s eyes perhaps, this was the birth of Highland, but in the Presbytery’s eyes it took a bit more time. In the spring of 1983, the first remodeling of the house was completed, and the three-car carport became a Sanctuary for worship.  

On the Day of Pentecost, May 22, 1983, Highland Presbyterian Church of Baton Rouge was officially commissioned by the Presbytery of South La. and Rev. Nichols was installed as its first Pastor. Although Highland Presbyterian Church was “conceived” in 1982, it actually had its “birth” on May 22, 1983.

This week in PCUSA Mission:                
Walking Together in Partnership
in Zambia

When the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian Synod of Zambia was established in 1984, it had four ordained ministers, 16 congregations and two presbyteries with fewer than 10,000 members. As of 2016, the synod had grown to 78 ordained ministers, 83 congregations, 15 presbyteries and more than 80,000 members. To address a shortage of pastors, the church opened Chasefu Theological College in eastern Zambia in 2007.

Partnerships with the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and others are important in the work and lives of people in Zambia. As children of God and brothers and sisters in Christ, we are invited to partner through God’s global mission. We may have different gifts and outlooks, but we have the same goal —to work for God and achieve what God has put on our hearts, for God’s glory.

In Zambia, we say that “two cannot walk together without agreeing.” We love to be connected, networked and involved! The Church of Central Africa Presbyterian (CCAP) Synod of Zambia has enjoyed partnership with the PC(USA) for many years, and we value the commitment and love we have witnessed through this partnership. When a relationship is grounded in God’s love, then we can share ideas of our vision for our church.

The CCAP Synod of Zambia is thankful for the mission co-workers who have come from the PC(USA). Relationships have been enhanced due to the work of regional liaison Nancy Collins, who provides guidance and gives us support, spiritually and physically. We are thankful for Charles and Melissa Johnson’s service as our development specialist and facilitator for health education programs and for Sherri Ellington, the Zambia Young Adult Volunteer site coordinator.
Immediate Church Family*:
Betty Bagent; Doris Baugh; Inez Geoghegan; Betty Lancaster; Preston Lancaster; Mary Perry; Deanna Lewis Sklar; Brad Smith; Highland Presbyterian Youth Group and leaders.

Extended Church Family*:
Brandon Behrmann (Carol’s nephew); Lettie Capers (friend of the Leonards); Austin Casey (Jack and Betty Bagent’s grandson); Woody and Susie Chew (friends of Deanna); Wayne Cline (Sherry Hutchinson’s brother); Steve Dull (hus-band of Lynn Nichols Dull); Dan Durway (former Pastor of Highland); Eva Fuller (Inez Geoghegan’s niece); Julius Fuller (Inez Geoghegan’s brother); the Miller twins (friends of Brad Smith); Aleta Pickholtz; Earl Rabe (friend of Rick Gurtner); Joy Walker (niece of the Pfeifers); Larry Wilcoxson (friend of the Leonards); Barbara Zeagler (friend of the Dyes.)

 * New names or concerns added to the prayer list this week are in italics.

July 15 - 21: Joseph John & Rosemary John (17), John Kleinpeter (21)

July – none           
Detail of the Prague Astronomical Clock in thePrague Old Town

This week at HPC:
Monday, July 16: 
 12:00 p.m. AA

Tuesday, July 17:
10:30 a.m. Tuesday Morning Class
 12:00 p.m. AA
 7:30 p.m. AA

Wednesday, July 18:
 12:00 p.m. AA
7:00 p.m. Ladies’ AA

Thursday, July 19:       
 12:00 p.m. AA
8:00 p.m. Men’s AA

Friday, July 20:
12:00 p.m. AA

Saturday, July 21:
Yard Crew – Mike Leonard & Brandon Lithgoe

Sunday, July 22: 
9:30 a.m. Worship
7:00 p.m. AA
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Upcoming Opportunities at HPC
  • Tuesday Morning Study continues to meet during the summer months. This Tuesday (July 17) we will study “The Gentile Mother.” 

  • Lagniappe Ladies will meet for dinner 6:00 pm, August 7, at Tokyo Café in the Bluebonnet Shopping Center. Contact Carol Behrmann for more information.

  • Next Sunday (July 22) Rev. Janie will resume her summer series from The Lord’s Prayer with “On Earth as in Heaven” from Romans 12:9-21 and Luke 11:33-36.

About HPC
Highland Presbyterian Church is a vibrant tree in God's grace-filled orchard. Deeply rooted in God's life-giving presence here on earth, this tree extends its branches to support one another in faith and reach into the world around it to produce fruit. Whether you are seeking God's presence through questions or service, discussion or fellowship, there is a home for you at Highland.
Connecting with Our Pastor
Rev. Janie McElwee-Smith

This week office hours for Rev. Janie: Thurs. 10:00 am – 1:30 pm
by appointment Tues. – Thurs. 9:00 am – 4:30 pm

cell (call or text): 314.283.7596
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