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Thought for the Week:

“The true meaning of life
is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit.”

Nelson Henderson

 In worship this week:
June 24, 2018

Pastor: Rev. Janie McElwee-Smith

Pianist: Bingyu Peng

Liturgists: Carol Behrmann
                   Connie Buck
                   Brandon Lithgoe
                   Mary Martin  

Ushers: Mike and Tillie Groves

Hospitality: Brandon and Sharyn Lithgoe
Flowers this Sunday are
presented to the glory of God
in celebration of
Mike and Tillie Groves'
Wedding Anniversary
by Amy Stewart.
Focus on HPC:     
Favorite Pictures of Highland

As we retreat indoors due to the heat and rain, what better time to look for a few of your favorite pictures of Highland Presbyterian to share during our 35 th Anniversary this September. Here is one I found - 
Please place any pictures you would like to share in an envelope with your name on it. We will scan the pictures and return the originals to you.

This week in PCUSA Mission:                
Season of Prayer and Reflection
in the Korean Peninsula

Tomorrow members of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) will join in prayer to commemorate the beginning of the Season of Prayer and Reflection in the Korean Peninsula. The annual observance will conclude on Aug. 15. This year the observance occurs amid renewed calls for unification of the Korean Peninsula. On April 27 the National Council of Churches in Korea (NCCK) released a statement in response to the Panmunjom Declaration for Peace, Prosperity, and Unification of the Korean Peninsula. The leaders of North and South Korea signed the agreement, which seeks a formal end to the Korean War and the complete denuclearization of the peninsula, at a summit in the demilitarized zone.

The NCCK expressed its strong support and respect for the declaration and the summit. “Having recognized the absurdity and pain brought forth by separation, for more than 50 years the NCCK has worked for the reconciliation and peace of Korea while praying without ceasing,” the statement reads. “We strongly support the agreement to replace the armistice treaty with a peace treaty by the end of this year, and to build a long-lasting and stable peace in the peninsula through complete denuclearization.”

The NCCK also strongly supports the agreement to transform the demilitarization zone into a “peace zone” and to establish a peace zone in the West Sea. “We also support the commitment to cease all hostile military acts,” the statement continues. “We strongly support the agreement to ensure the participation of civilians in the reunification process as seen in the decision to establish a joint liaison office and to resume the reunion events of the separated families.”
Immediate Church Family*:
Betty Bagent; Carol Behrmann; Doris Baugh; Inez Geoghegan; Betty Lancaster; Preston Lancaster; Mary Perry; Deanna Lewis Sklar; Brad Smith.

Extended Church Family*:
Brandon Behrmann (Carol’s nephew); Lettie Capers (friend of the Leonards); Austin Casey (Jack and Betty Bagent’s grandson); Woody and Susie Chew (friends of Deanna); Wayne Cline (Sherry Hutchinson’s brother); Steve Dull (hus-band of Lynn Nichols Dull); Dan Durway (former Pastor of Highland); Eva Fuller (Inez Geoghegan’s niece); Julius Fuller (Inez Geoghegan’s brother); the Miller twins (friends of Brad Smith); Aleta Pickholtz; Earl Rabe (friend of Rick Gurtner); Joy Walker (niece of the Pfeifers); Larry Wilcoxson (friend of the Leonards); Barbara Zeagler (friend of the Dyes.)

 * New names or concerns added to the prayer list this week are in italics.

June 24 - 30: Linda Harris (24), John Dye (29)

June 30 – Todd and Wendy Stewart         
Detail of the Prague Astronomical Clock in thePrague Old Town

This week at HPC:
Monday, June 25: 
 12:00 p.m. AA

Tuesday, June 26:
9:30 a.m. WW Quilters
 10:30 a.m. Tuesday Morning Class
 12:00 p.m. AA
 7:30 p.m. AA

Wednesday, June 27: 
 12:00 p.m. AA
7:00 p.m. Ladies’ AA

Thursday, June 28:       
 12:00 p.m. AA
8:00 p.m. Men’s AA

Friday, June 29:
12:00 p.m. AA

Saturday, June 30:
Yard Crew – Mike Leonard & Brandon Lithgoe

Sunday, July 1: 
9:30 a.m. Worship/Communion
7:00 p.m. AA
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Upcoming Opportunities at HPC
  • HELP! A new three-month calendar of opportunities to serve Highland Presbyterian church begins next Sunday, July 1. Volunteers for Liturgist, Ushers, and hospitality are greatly needed. Please check the list on the bulletin board in the fellowship area.

  • Tuesday Morning Study continues to meet during the summer months. This Tuesday (June 26) we will study “John and James, the Sons of Zebedee.” 

  • The Youth “Wall of Envelopes” still has envelopes for the taking. All proceeds go to benefit the Youth Montreat Conference/Mission Trip.

  • The Sermon for next Sunday (July 1) will continue our study of The Lord’s Prayer, “Your Will be Done,” from James 1:22-27 and Matthew 6:5-6.

About HPC
Highland Presbyterian Church is a vibrant tree in God's grace-filled orchard. Deeply rooted in God's life-giving presence here on earth, this tree extends its branches to support one another in faith and reach into the world around it to produce fruit. Whether you are seeking God's presence through questions or service, discussion or fellowship, there is a home for you at Highland.
Connecting with Our Pastor
Rev. Janie McElwee-Smith

Rev Janie is on vacation through June 26

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