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Thought for the Week:

“Remember that the happiest people are not those getting more, but those giving more.”

H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

 In worship this week:
November 11
Dedication Sunday

Pastor: Rev. Janie McElwee-Smith

Pianist: Bingyu Peng

Liturgist: Dave Adams

Ushers: Mike and Tillie Groves

Hospitality: Sherry Hutchinson
Flowers this Sunday
are presented by the family of Mary Perry
to the glory of God and in celebration of
Mary's birthday.

Focus on HPC:     
Stewardship, The “S” Word
(by Robert Bohl, from

Stewardship is a spiritual matter, not a code word for raising money.

One of the curious things about Presbyterians and stewardship is that those who have the least tend to give the most. Percentage-wise more people with incomes of less than $25,000 tithe (give 10 percent) than those with a greater income. The same is true of the way they give their time and talents to the church.

Perhaps it is because they have learned one of the great theological and Biblical truths that Malachi taught the Hebrew people about the reward of the faithful: “Bring the full tithe into the storehouse, so that there may be food in my house, and thus put me to the test, … see if I will not open the windows of heaven for you and pour down for you an overflowing blessing” (3:10).

This is not a gospel of prosperity, but an illustration of who receives the greater benefit, the giver or the receiver. We discover the joy of giving when we discover that stewardship is everything we do from the moment we confess Jesus Christ as Lord. The Russian writer Nicholas Berdyaev once said: “If I am hungry it is a material problem. If someone else is hungry it is a spiritual problem.” Those who exhibit exemplary stewardship have made this an intensively spiritual matter.

This week in PCUSA Mission:            
Armistice Day – 100 Years Ago
Lyman M. Smith, Captain, CHC, USN, Retired;
Director of Presbyterian Council for Chaplains

One hundred years ago today, at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918, fighting in World War 1 came to an end. Kaiser Wilhelm had abdicated on the previous day, and the new government of Germany, eager for peace, immediately concluded an armistice agreement with the Allies.

The war did not go out with a whimper, however, as the deadliest battle in U.S. history still raged with fierce destruction that morning. The Neuse-Argonne Offensive had begun on Sept. 26, 47 days earlier. By the time the armistice was declared, more than 54,000 soldiers had lost their lives in this battle; 26,277 of them were Americans who had volunteered for service.

First Lt. Thomas McNeill Bulla, a Presbyterian minister of Word and Sacrament serving as an Army chaplain, was among those who had given his life less than a month before. Bulla was born of immigrant parents in the rural area of Cape Fear, North Carolina, in 1881. He attended Davidson College and Union Seminary. Ordained and installed in First Church, Emporia, Virginia, in 1913, Bulla served four congregations simultaneously at the time of his entrance into the Army Guard of Virginia in 1917. In June of 1918 his infantry regiment sailed for France. On Oct. 8, the regiment joined the Neuse-Argonne offensive.

On Oct. 15, Bulla’s unit became the lead element in an attack at the Moleville Farm. During the assault, Bulla exposed himself to enemy fire, moving across “no man’s land” to help wounded soldiers to safety and to bring back those who had died. The duty was not required of chaplains – Bulla went forward of his own volition and contrary to orders. On that day, Bulla was struck by enemy fire and mortally wounded. He died of his wounds two days later.

Chaplain Bulla answered in the affirmative to this vow at his ordination:  Do you engage to be faithful and diligent in the exercise of all your duties as a Christian and a minister of the gospel, whether personal or relative, private or public; and to endeavor by the grace of God to adorn the profession of the gospel in your conversation, and to walk with exemplary piety before the flock of which God shall make you overseer?   In fulfilling this vow, Chaplain Bulla suffered and died.

Today, on this 100th anniversary of the end of fighting in World War I, we pause and remember more than 16 million people who lost their lives during the conflict. And as we remember and pray that we will never pursue such horrendous carnage again, may we also remember the Lord’s servants represented by Chaplain Thomas Bulla. He was a servant of peace, proclaiming the entire message of Christ, in the midst of war, sacrificing himself that others might live.
Immediate Church Family*:
Betty Bagent; Doris Baugh; Inez Geoghegan; Betty Lancaster; Preston Lancaster; Mary Perry; Deanna Lewis Sklar; Brad Smith.

Extended Church Family*:
Brandon Behrmann (Carol’s nephew); Austin Casey (Jack and Betty Bagent’s grandson); Woody and Susie Chew (friends of Deanna); Steve Dull (husband of Lynn Nichols Dull); Dan Durway (former Pastor of Highland); Eva Fuller (Inez Geoghegan’s niece); Julius Fuller (Inez Geoghe-gan’s brother); Randy Geoghegan (Inez’s son); Harrison (Rob Stewart’s Mother); Claudia Hill (Connie Leonard’s sister); Phillip Lanier (friend of Rosemary John); the Miller twins (friends of Brad Smith); Aleta Pick-holtz; Earl Rabe (friend of Rick Gurtner); Phillip Walker (nephew of the Pfeifers); Larry Wilcoxson (friend of the Leonards); Barbara Zeagler (friend of the Dyes.)

  * New names added to the prayer list this week are in italics.

November 11 - 17:  Mary Perry (11), Doug Moreman (15)

November 21 – Jack and Betty Bagent
Detail of the Prague Astronomical Clock in thePrague Old Town

This week at HPC:
Monday, November 12:
12:00 p.m. AA
Tuesday, November 13:
9:30 a.m. WW Quilters
10:30 a.m. Tuesday Morning Class
12:00 p.m. AA
7:30 p.m. AA

Wednesday, November 14:  
12:00 p.m. AA
7:00 p.m. Ladies’ AA

Thursday, November 15:       
12:00 p.m. AA
8:00 p.m. Men’s AA

Friday, November 16:
12:00 p.m. AA

Saturday, November 17:
Yard Crew – John Dye & Mike Groves

Sunday, November 18:
9:30 a.m. Worship
11:00 a.m. Third Sunday Lunch/Raffle Drawing
7:00 p.m. AA
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Upcoming Opportunities at HPC
  • Third Sunday Lunch – Nov. 18 will have an International flair with Spaghetti provided by Rob and Amy Stewart. The rest of the menu will be provided by the Congregational Care committee so that all can come and enjoy. Proceeds go to Heifer International.
  • Raffle to Fight Hunger You still have a chance to enter into the drawing for a beautiful LSU themed quilt made by the Giving Quilt Quilters. Tickets are $5.00. The drawing will be held on November 18 during Third Sunday Lunch (all money and/or “checked-out” tickets must be returned prior to the drawing.) Proceeds go Heifer International. For tickets or more information contact Barb Pfeifer.

  • Tuesday Morning Study Class continues their study of Christian Doctrine (Chapter 12) by Shirley Guthrie on Tuesday, Nov. 13, at 10:30 a.m. For more information contact Connie Buck or Louise Dye.

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