HPE High Performance Computing
The power of supercomputing doesn’t just apply in the lab. High performance computing solutions from HPE scale-up or scale-out, on-premises or in the cloud, with purpose-built storage and the software you need to power innovation. All your workloads, aligned to your economic requirements.
Accelerate your Digital Evolution
Bring outstanding agility, simplicity and economics to HPC using cloud technologies, operating methods, business models, high-performance data analytics, artificial intelligence and deep learning.

HPC as a Service
HPE GreenLake can deliver superior flexibility, scalability, and control of HPC solutions with a cloud service consumption model on-premises. In addition, HPE helps reduce the cost and complexity of maintaining an HPC environment with skilled resources who implement and operate the environment for you.

A direct and compelling headline
The types of calculations that DiRAC and the University of Leicester process span theoretical astrophysics, particle physics, cosmology, and nuclear physics to understand how the universe works. It requires supercomputing.

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