HPL Announces 2020 Baby Grand Jazz Season!
HPL's popular Baby Grand  J azz  Series returns for its 17th season starting Sunday, January 5! FREE Baby Grand Jazz performances will be held every Sunday through April 26 (except for Easter Sunday), from 3 – 4 pm (doors open at 2 pm). For a full-line up of this year’s Baby Grand Jazz Series and descriptions of the performers, please go HERE!

Baby Grand Jazz is sponsored by the Kaman Foundation.
Security Officer Training
Looking for a new career? Registration for our next Security Officer Training class ends Monday, December 16th. Don't wait and REGISTER TODAY!
You Count!
Every 10 years, the  U.S. Census Bureau  undertakes a mammoth task: counting all the people residing in the  United States .

This count affects the allocation of funding for  Hartford, Connecticut  resources (e.g.,  #roads #hospitals #libraries #schools ), how we plan for the future, and our voice in g overnment . Learn more about the importance of the  #2020 Census  and how to participate:  2020census.gov.