Hartford Public Library shares the nation’s anger, sadness, and frustration over the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery and the epidemic of violent acts perpetrated against people of color across our nation. We condemn this violence and the microaggressions faced by people in our community and across the country on a daily basis.

We reject any actions that degrade or destroy the human spirit. We stand in solidarity with our community against systemic racism, oppression, and injustice.

HPL is a safe place to explore, to learn, and to convene hard discussions. We are committed as an institution to bridging cultures within our community, addressing anti blackness and any other forms of oppression that destroy and divide. We also know, that like the rest of American society, we have so much more work to do to eliminate racial and social equity barriers. We need to listen, to learn and to act; we are an organization of allies and advocates. Over the coming weeks we will be finding ways to start those difficult conversations and to support our neighbors to make our city, our community and our country a place for all.