Issue 23 | May 2019
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NEW! HPS TruWave Active Harmonic Filter
The new HPS TruWave combines advanced control and proven reliability to provide a comprehensive and flexible solution for harmonic mitigation.

HPS TruWave is designed to achieve total harmonic distortion, or THD, ≤ 5%, while requiring minimal impedance on the line side of a variable frequency drive (VFD). It provides compliance to ANSI/IEEE Standard 519-2014 requirements as well as other stringent power quality standards.

It offers excellent performance and its application does not require detailed knowledge regarding the nature of the load(s) or the type of harmonics present. The AHF responds to the exact system needs as they develop. The degree of the load current distortion, determines the magnitude, as well as the order of harmonics, that drives the dynamic output of the filter. 

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Canadian 2019 Efficiency Update
Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) has established new energy efficiency levels for transformers in Canada effective April 30, 2019. 
HPS offers the following transformer product lines that comply with the new NRCan energy efficiency regulations:

  • HPS Sentinel G, K and H to serve our customer’s needs in General Purpose, K Rated and Harmonic Mitigating applications
  • HPS Tribune E for Drive Isolation applications, and
  • HPS Millennium G (up to 5 kV), E & C (up to 46 kV) for Medium Voltage applications 

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NEW! Three Phase Encapsulated Transformer for Hazardous & Harsh Industrial Environments
HPS Titan N offers an innovative design with technological improvements. The transformer is completely encapsulated in epoxy and silica, providing excellent protection from airborne contaminants and prevents the ingress of moisture.

HPS Titan N’s improved electrical and thermal design also results in a more efficient product. Although not mandated by DOE 2016 or NRCan 2019, HPS Titan N meets or exceeds the current minimum efficiency level for ventilated transformers. It is also seismically qualified and O.S.H.P.D certified. 

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The HPS Outstanding Electrical Scholar Award
Hammond Power Solutions is proud to announce the HPS Outstanding Electrical Scholar Award! This award is granted to an Ontario or Quebec university / college student who is currently enrolled in an approved post-secondary electrical program. Eligible students must be in their second year of study with a minimum cumulative average of 75%. Click here to learn more about this exciting opportunity.
2019 World-Class Tour Series
HPS opened its plant doors in Guelph, ON for the AME Canadian Region world-class tour series. The tour was an in-depth look into Hammond Power Solutions drive for continuous improvement. Participants saw and learned about continuous improvement at the ground level, 5S, core competency, employee engagement and much more!
Upcoming Events
  • RAOTM - Anchorage, AK, May 1-2
  • Standard Electrical Automation - Milwaukee, WI, May 1-2
  • NAED National Meeting - San Francisco, CA, May 3-5
  • CEE Show - Chicago, IL, May 6
  • OTC Show - Houston, TX, May 6-9
  • CED Industrial Solutions Expo - Evansville, IN, May 8-9
  • EECOL Electric - Saskatoon, SK, May 9
  • Ideal Supply - Stratford, ON, May 8-9
  • Electrical League Expo - Pittsburgh, PA, May 14
  • CED Automation Summit - Louisville, KY, May 15-16
  • CED Industrial Solutions Expo - Louisville, KY, May 15, 16
  • EECOL Regina - Regina, SK, June 6
  • RAOTM - Tulsa, OK, June 26-27
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