Do you want to check one thing off the summer to-do list before school ends? Hyde Park is partnering with Bright School Kitz to provide school supply kits that are delivered directly to the school before the first day. 

The school supply kits will match the teacher supply lists by grade. The kits, filled with brand names (Crayola, Elmer's, etc.) and quality products, are competitively priced with local and large retailers. In addition, Bright School Kitz hires developmentally-disabled adults to pack the kits, so you are helping out the community. 

To order, go to  and order on the secure website with your credit card or check.  Hurry and order before they are sold out or order close on 7/2/18. 

We are also offering a  discount of $5 for each kit purchased by the last day of school of 5/24/18!    The Kits will be delivered directly to the classrooms before the first day of school. If you have any additional questions please contact or 1-844-937-5489.