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Western Maryland AHEC Leads Region's Efforts to Raise HPV Immunization Rates Through Provider Education

The National AHEC Organization (NAO) received funding from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for a project to provide education to health professionals regarding the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine. Through this cooperative agreement, NAO will strengthen HPV vaccination recommendations and elevate awareness on HPV vaccinations and their role in cancer prevention.

Western Maryland AHEC Program Coordinator Joy Taylor is one of ten HPV Regional Project Coordinators selected to provide connections to groups and organizations, support the usage of materials, and promote promising practices for state entities to provide training to health professionals. Joy oversees HPV initiatives in Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia, New Jersey, and the District of Columbia.
Joy Taylor
Program Coordinator, Western Maryland AHEC
NAO Objectives

1. Provide clinician outreach and training

2. Disseminate educational materials

3. Increase and form strong partnerships

4. Push prioritization of HPV vaccination efforts to promote cancer prevention and bolster the number of HPV vaccinations administered in the region

For more information, see the NAO flyer.
Anticipated Results
  • The creation of state and national HPV needs assessment and inventory resource books
  • Increase awareness among clinicians of available HPV vaccine information, resources and tools
  • Increase in clinician education and awareness and partnerships that strengthen and leverage efforts to increase HPV vaccination rates
  • Decrease in missed opportunities of parents who report their child's provider did not recommend HPV vaccination and, most importantly, increase HPV vaccination rates.

For more information, contact Joy Taylor at or 301.777.9150 ext. 141.
Western Maryland AHEC
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