October 27, 2020

Recruiting a Diverse Team

Research has repeatedly shown that highly diverse teams are significantly more likely to deliver results that meet or exceed expectations. As corporate America renews its commitment to ensuring its workplace reflects the diversity of the nation’s populace, many organizations are changing their recruiting strategies. Here are some resources to help recruiters ensure that the first goal of a diversity and inclusion initiative – ensuring a diverse applicant pool – is met:

  • Have a clear idea of the results you want, and then track your progress. Calculate the level of diversity at different levels in your company, your goals at each level and function in the company, the percentage of diverse candidates currently referred, interviewed, and offered jobs, and the acceptance rate. 
  • On your company’s career page and all print materials, ensure that your commitment to diversity is front and center. Testimonials or videos with interviews of minority employees from all levels reinforces and strengthens the message.
  • Connect with organizations and groups that draw underrepresented candidates. LinkedIn is a good source of these groups, and provides a guide to diversity recruiting here: specific tips for diversity sourcing
  • Check out the schools that are geographically close to you to determine if their student body is diverse. There is often a separate link on their website that explains their diversity initiatives and how employers can tap into their student talent. Here is a list from US News and World Report that ranks schools by their ethnic diversity: https://www.usnews.com/best-colleges/rankings/national-universities/campus-ethnic-diversity
  • Consider building relationships with Historically Black College and Universities (HBCUs) and Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSIs). 
  • The Office of Federal Contract Compliance recently published an Employment Referral Resource Directory: https://www.dol.gov/agencies/ofccp/compliance-assistance/outreach/errd/search. It is searchable by city, type of job and category of employee.
  • Participate in virtual job fairs that target a diverse applicant pool.  CareerEco is a virtual recruiting platform for jobseekers, prospective graduate students, academic institutions, and employers. https://www.careereco.com/Fair/RenderPage?fairPageId=e0f89d6d-54bd-4de4-954f-ac370124ac8e
  • Post on paid Diversity Sites: Here is one list, of many, of diversity job sites that charge per posting: https://workology.com/18-job-boards-perfect-for-diversity-recruiting-compliance-efforts. It is important to explore the site to determine how many jobs are advertised in your area or your industry or job level. It’s not always a great idea to break new ground on a site that doesn’t already attract individuals with skill sets you are seeking. It is important to explore the site to determine how many jobs are advertised in your area or your industry or job level. It’s not always a great idea to break new ground on a site that doesn’t already attract individuals with skill sets you are seeking.

Of course, hiring is only the first step in ensuring a workplace that taps into the broad array of talent and expertise available in the marketplace. Ensuring equitable treatment by taking a look at compensation and promotional policies and fostering inclusive practices will be the focus of future newsletters.

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