February 11 , 2020
Are We Ready to Integrate the New and Younger Hires?

Author: Ada Tai, MBA, CPHR, C.Mgr. Co-Author: Rickard Enstroem, PhD, CMGR FCMI, C.Mgr.

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Anu Baldner's Intentional HR Journey

As we speak to more and more of our members, we've noticed a trend: HR 'finds' some people, whereas others seek it out. Whether the latter or former is the case, we are always fascinated by our members' HR stories. Anu Baldner, the recipient of...

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New Research:
How To Create A Culture of Accountability

Managers tend to believe that being accountable is a trait you either have or don't have. In other words, "It's the person." Is it possible, however, that it could also be the environment? Discover new research that shows how leaders can inject more accountability into their organizations to produce better results.

Senior Pathway to the CPHR

Are you an HR professional with a post-secondary degree and have been working in human resources for at least ten years? You may qualify for the Senior Path to the CPHR. To learn more about the qualifications, process, and how to apply, click here.
The Stress Mindset: How Stress Can be a Tool for Incredible Performance
Stress is typically associated with feelings of despair, being overwhelmed and struggling to handle the demands of life. But what if you could turn stress into a powerful tool to improve performance and increase productivity? In this webinar, you will learn how to change your mindset about... learn more.

HireNext: A New GPS to Young Talent
Are you experiencing challenges filling entry-level roles at your company? Worried you’re missing out on diverse young talent (ages 18 – 29), or losing them too quickly? Tamara Balan, Interim Chief Executive Officer, CivicAction will make the case why hiring youth makes dollars and sense.... learn more.

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