August 13, 2019
Update: Investigators Act and HR Consultants

In the past several months there have been numerous conversations and questions around the 2008 Security Services and Investigators Act and how that Act might apply to HR professionals. HR Consultants who carry out Workplace Investigations for...

Federal Government Acts on Many Employment Issues

Anthony Ariganello, CEO, CPHR Canada (right) meets with Wayne Easter, MP, Chair of the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance Written by Anthony Ariganello, CEO CPHR Canada As the federal government winds down in anticipation of the...

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The Top-Rated Workplaces in Canada

CPHR Alberta is proud of our industry partnerships - they provide high-quality data and insights from thought leaders. The following blog post from Indeed is a great example of this thought leadership, view the original blog post post here....

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Industry Events + Updates:
The Future Is Coming

The Future Is Coming is an ideal way to develop forecasting skills and enhance creative problem-solving skills. In this workshop a custom-designed card deck randomly generates potential future states that teach universal truths while allowing your team to tackle real-world challenges specific to your business.

Working in partnership with Corporate CultureSHIFT, Bluegem Learning is offering the only workshop of its kind in Calgary using our uniquely designed card deck...

Diversity Symposium
7 CPD Hours

As an HR professional it’s important to understand what diversity is, and how you impact diversity in your workplace. More and more, organizations are recognizing that diversity and inclusion is an expectation from employees and the communities they do business in. All too often the expectation to create a diversity policy, gain knowledge, and implement diversity strategies is tasked to the HR Team – but where do they go for the tools?

The Stand By Workshop
1 CPD Hour

The Stand By workshop is designed to build people’s confidence to respond supportively when someone they know is, or they think they might be, experiencing domestic violence. Research shows that most people experiencing violence will share parts of their experience with friends and colleagues before they ever seek formal support. The response a person receives when they begin to share their story...

CPHR Alberta Announcements:
Are you ready to take the first step towards obtaining your CPHR?

Associate Members can now sign up for the Fall National Knowledge Exam session. Login to your member profile to register for the exam now – the deadline to register is September 2, 2019. For more information on the National Knowledge Exam and how to prepare, visit the NKE section on the CPHR Alberta website.

Free CPHR Alberta Webinars:
10 Pillars of Employee Engagement You Can Build Immediately
1 CPD Hour

According to a recent study by Aon, Employee engagement in Canada declined slightly and there are greater signs of potential trouble on the horizon. Aon found that Eleven of the 16 dimensions they measured in the study fell. The good news is disengaged employees are not born that way, they are created by ineffective and outdated practices. In this webinar, we’ll explore the 10 pillars of employee engagement including managerial and peer relationships...

Succeeding with Search
1 CPD Hour

More people are searching for and discovering jobs online than ever before. But how do you get the right talent to apply to your jobs?

Join Indeed’s webinar, “Succeeding with Search: How Great Companies Attract Great Candidates,” as we provide a data-driven look at job search and candidate behaviour trends and share proven strategies that you can use to attract more quality candidates to your job postings...

The Future of Learning at Work
1 CPD Hour

What can the learning industry learn from the likes of Netflix? We live in a world where we are surrounded by personalized content and services on demand. We’ve seen major changes in media, transport and retail as well as many others, but the transformation of learning in organizations is seriously lacking...

Emotional Intelligence and the Courage to Lead
1 CPD Hour

Leaders at all levels need to respond adequately to the trends shaping the new business environment. This requires courage. How do you develop the courage of leaders? Leaders require courage to innovate; to be vulnerable which leads to connection and better working relationships; to be accountable; to take risks; to embrace diversity, change and disruption. Join David Cory, M.A., founder of the Emotional Intelligence Training Company Inc., who has been working to develop the emotional intelligence skills of leaders in progressive organizations around the globe for the past 21 years ...

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