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Do you know this accommodation rule? It cost this employer $158k.

Under the ADA, a broad variety of accommodations may need to be provided to applicants and employees with disabilities. Both the statute and implementing regulations demonstrate this breadth by providing specific examples of changes that may be required as reasonable job accommodations.

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Top 7 acquisition challenges in 2023

We know that 2023 has been the “year of the worker” so far – with new NLRB regulations and a competitive market, workers had the upper hand. And, as a result, employers were scrambling to find and keep the best talent. 

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The death of DEI - and 9 things HR needs to know to bring it back

After a historic rise in diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) efforts, the death of DEI feels close these days.

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HR trends forecast - what's in store for 2024?

Believe it or not, we’re just a month away from 2024. 

There’s limited time during the end-of-year chaos – from wrapping up documentation and paperwork to managing holiday time off – for HR to prepare for the new year. That’s why the sooner you can begin to plan for 2024, the better. 

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Employees behaving badly - 5 steps to steer them straight

One of the most difficult roles a front-line manager must fill is that of a counselor.

Yet, it has to be done every single time employees are behaving badly – which likely happens more often than anyone would like.

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AI hiring bias: How HR can understand and mitigate potential pitalls

The rapid adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) can bring major benefits for HR pros to help save time, and put effort into what really matters. One particular area where AI can really make a difference is hiring and recruiting. 

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Your People Are Your Greatest Asset

When everything is running smoothly, that is! Sometimes, though, your people are your greatest cause of frustration and anxiety.

That is where Alternative HR comes in. We help you with the people-side of your business. We manage or supplement your HR functions. We help you compete for great talent, comply with employment laws and regulations, and create an environment where your people can excel.

What we really provide, though, is peace of mind and assurance that you, your people and your business are better off because we’ve got your back.

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