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He did not record his OT: Does he get paid for it?

You might think you know all the ins and outs of when time worked by employees — including OT — must be paid. After all, it sounds like a pretty simple question, right?

But as savvy HR pros know, even the seemingly simple questions can sometimes get tricky – as a recent decision from a federal appeals court shows.

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Dollar General is paying a $1 Million fine for violating a law you probably have never heard of!

A pre-employment physical exam is pretty standard at many companies, especially in a workplace as physical as a warehouse. So why did the EEOC just settle a lawsuit with Dollar General due to its pre-employment physical exam policy?

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What you need to know about X hiring - X's new feature for job searching and posting

In the latest change to X – formerly known as Twitter – the platform has unveiled “X Hiring,” a job-searching feature to rival LinkedIn. 

Here’s what you need to know.

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Do employees suffer burnout or 'boreout'? How to identify it - and 9 ways to help

Employees may complain they’re burned out. But they might actually suffer from 'boreout'.

They’re equally damaging — and something HR and front-line leaders will want to address and manage.

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'Quiet Cutting': 4 reasons this trend is a bad idea

Sounds innocent enough, but “Quiet Cutting” is a people management trend you want to avoid.

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Accommodation mistakes - 3 companies paid big to settle ADA claims

The EEOC filed 48 disability accommodation lawsuits in FY 2023, almost doubling the 27 ADA cases it filed the previous year, according to employment attorneys at Seyfarth. 

And if the EEOC steps into an ADA dispute, the cost of noncompliance can be pretty steep, as these three recent cases show. 

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