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Are you a ‘covered employer’ under the FMLA? How to tell for sure

FMLA obligations don’t kick in unless an employer qualifies as a “covered employer” under the statute.

Sometimes, determining whether an employer is covered can get a little tricky.

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Can HR do anything about employee happiness? Expert says ‘yes’ & shares steps to take

Minimizing burnout-related turnover and quiet quitting is still a significant challenge for HR pros. It indicates employee happiness is lacking somehow.

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3 ways to improve culture, despite external influences in today’s world

With all of the uncertainty in our lives today, it’s easy to pull back into our shells and wait for the storms to blow over. This mindset can even stretch to business policies and practices where you must improve culture, despite these external influences.

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2023 college grad season is here: How to hire top talent

Grad season for college graduates can be an exciting time as many watch loved ones walk the graduation stage and start a new, independent life. 

For HR though, grad season can signal more than that: It’s the season when young, top talent hunt for new jobs to start their professional careers.

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Independent contractors: 5 misconceptions HR may have

As the gig economy continues to grow and organizations seek to build their talent by hiring an independent contractor workforce (freelancers, 1099 workers, gig workers), understanding what’s required of an organization using independent contractors is critical.

For HR teams, this can bring about several questions as to how best to onboard, engage and retain this workforce. Below are five key misconceptions HR may have about independent contractors and how they can be addressed.

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BREAKING: Supreme Court backs worker in salary OT ruling

What does it mean to be paid on a salary basis – and why is that such an important question?

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Alternative HR | Faces of Sioux Falls

Read about Alternative HR in the Faces of Sioux Falls Publication!

Founder Dan Oakland, Director of Operations Karen DeLange and the entire Alternative HR team are passionate about their human resources profession and their mission: to solve the human resource-related issues that small and medium-sized employers face.

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