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Woman was paid less than males: Why was it OK here?

If an employer pays a woman less than it pays males, there isn’t always a legal violation.

The key question: Are the woman and the higher-paid males essentially doing the same work?


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Is poor communication sabotaging your diversity hiring strategies?

With 2023 fresh and open like a blank page, hiring managers are lining up outside your door to fill headcounts. Despite a hiccup of a recession in the U.S. and abroad, the labor market is still tight.

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What a $250K retaliation mistake looks like

Race discrimination is bad enough, but an Oklahoma-based company recently learned the hard way that adding a retaliation mistake on top of that, can lead to hefty settlements.

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Will hiring challenges continue into 2023? New data says yes

Hiring challenges have been rampant this year, to say the least. Terms like quick quitting and quiet quitting paint a dim picture of retention rates. To make matters worse, many companies began to put the brakes on hiring for fear of economic uncertainty.

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4 steps to deliver difficult messages to a variety of employees

Every employee is different. So when you have to deliver difficult messages, they’ll all receive – and react to – it differently.

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HR's top priorities for 2023 - and how you can get a head start

The world is rapidly changing, and factors such as a looming recession, increased inflation and shifting employee needs may make trying to imagine the year ahead overwhelming. However, planning ahead will help ensure that you’re prepared for whatever 2023 may bring.

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Outsourced Human Resources:

Alternative HR | Faces of Sioux Falls

Read about Alternative HR in the Faces of Sioux Falls Publication!

Founder Dan Oakland, Director of Operations Karen DeLange and the entire Alternative HR team are passionate about their human resources profession and their mission: to solve the human resource-related issues that small and medium-sized employers face.

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We have been helping businesses for over 30 years!

Our team of HR professionals has over 250 years of combined experience! 

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 Alternative HR Team



Session 1: Introduction to Workplace Supervision

  • Your Primary Responsibilities: the preparation, performance and productivity of your team
  • Four Critical Skills: communicate job expectations, teach, evaluate, provide feedback
  • Communicating Expectations: what we never learned about communicating with others

Session 2: Evaluating Performance and Providing Feedback

  • Reviewing Primary Responsibilities and Critical Skills: what did you do with what you learned?
  • Evaluating Performance & Providing Feedback
  • Situational Leadership: knowing when and how to provide direction and support

Session 3: Critical Issues in the Workplace

  • Difficult Conversations: when things are not working; when termination is necessary
  • Employment Laws You Need to Know: Employment-at-Will, FLSA, FLMA, ADA, EEO, Anti-Discrimination
  • Creating a Culture of Excellence: courtesy, professionalism and respect

Session 4: Conflict Resolution and Difficult Conversations

  • Reviewing Primary Responsibilities and Critical Skills: what did you do with what you learned?
  • Strategies for managing understanding and managing interpersonal conflict
  • Motivating top performers and setting performance expectations for all

**All sessions run from 1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. (CST)**

All for only $450/attendee! Would you like to provide this valuable training to your entire team? Send 5 or more attendees and receive a 10% discount! (Contact us at 605.335.8198 for details)

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