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Reverse discrimination: 1 office detail sways new court ruling

A federal magistrate judge recommended denying a Colorado university’s motion to dismiss a Title VII reverse discrimination claim filed by a male applicant.

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Help employees work out conflict when they don't like each other

Personality differences. Moral misalignment. Work style disparities. Character clashes. They’re conflicts in most workplaces every day. 

Even HR pros have to work with people they dislike. But if you’re lucky enough to not be in that situation, you likely have to manage people who hate each other.

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Can HR really prevent turnover? Yes - and here's how

Turnover has always been an issue. But this new wave isn’t like any we’ve ever faced. So how can HR prevent turnover now?

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1,000 insults? Court revives ex-worker's age bias suit

Saying a former worker might be able to convince a jury that he should win his claim of unlawful age bias, a federal appeals court vacated a lower court’s ruling favoring the man’s former employer.

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5 cool DEI initiatives every HR pro will want to steal

Diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) is a lot more than the newest buzzword in HR. It’s a critical element to success these days – and you’ll want some cool DEI initiatives to use.

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