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9 engagement drivers – and the 9-minute trick to address them

Struggling with engagement? You’re not alone. In a world where employees are remote – or are in-office wishing they were remote – engagement can be tricky to navigate. 

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5 conversations managers need to have with employees – but avoid

Admit it: You’ve put off conversations with employees because they were weird.

We’re not talking about uncomfortable conversations. We’re talking about the kind that don’t seem worth a conversation.

You put them off, and you’re an HR professional, who knows how to address almost everything!

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Top 5 employment law changes: What to expect in the next 12 months

A new report from labor and employment firm Littler Mendelson PC reveals the top five employment law changes to closely monitor this year, according to insight gathered from in-house attorneys, HR pros and C-suite execs across the U.S.

So what’s keeping your peers up at night?

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New court ruling explains tricky FLSA issue: Must workers be paid to boot up computers?

Question: Do employees have to be paid for the time spent booting up and shutting down computers?

Though the question sounds simple, it’s at the center of a long-running legal dispute over a tricky FLSA issue. Here’s what happened — and where the case currently stands.

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7 essential steps for bulletproof documentation, according to an attorney 

Documentation can be an HR headache, especially when it comes to getting managers and other leaders to document the right things at the right time. 

But documentation is incredibly important, especially when it comes to protecting the company from future legal trouble.

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Diversity recruitment is healthy; Diversity retention isn’t: 6 things HR needs to do now

Great job, HR! Diversity recruitment is up — exactly what many companies prioritized in recent years. But, there’s a glitch. And it’s a big one.

Diversity retention is down.

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Outsourced Human Resources:

Alternative HR | Faces of Sioux Falls


Read about Alternative HR in the NEW 2023 Faces of Sioux Falls Publication!

Founder Dan Oakland, Director of Operations Karen DeLange and the entire Alternative HR team are passionate about their human resources profession and their mission: to solve the human resource-related issues that small and medium-sized employers face.


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Recruiting keeps getting more complicated, and gaining visibility and traction relative to other job posts is extremely difficult. This session will focus in on some of the tips we’ve found that can help you be more successful in your recruiting.

We’ll look at the importance of language and key words, and at the increasing requirements to post pay information. We’ll also focus on the importance of bring a marketing mindset to your recruiting in order to be more successful.

Presented by: Melissa Moerike, Senior Human Resources Consultant

Cost: $155/person

All attendees will receive a certificate for a FREE, 30-day Job Post + Social Media promotion for a single position!

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