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Why 'the disability made me do it' defense didn't fly here

Employees might have health conditions that meet the definition of “disability” under federal law – but that doesn’t mean a court’s going to buy it if they say “the disability made me do it” when they break the rules.

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Where have all the qualified candidates gone?

Where have all the qualified job candidates gone? And more importantly, how can we find, attract and retain them?

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3 unconventional benefits got company a 92% approval rating

The Great Resignation has spurred a lot of talk about unconventional benefits, and how companies can use one or two of them to attract and retain talent. But HR Morning recently encountered a company that’s basing most of its benefits around the unconventional and leading the way for others.

Intrigued? We were, too.

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Employee engagement surveys:  The secrets to success

Employee engagement surveys are vital to a company’s success and growth, but you knew that right! And you probably know a few reasons why employee engagement surveys are important. But do you know how to create a 100% guaranteed successful survey?

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HR's critical role in building organizational resilience

The last two years were full of HR lessons – and this could be the most important: Resilience makes a difference.

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Top 10 Mistakes in Handling I-9 Forms

Internal I-9 audits should result in documented changes in practices, not just corrections to the forms, according to Mira Mdivani, an immigration attorney in Overland Park, Kansas.

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