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5 resume trends and how HR can prepare for today's job candidates

Get ready HR: New résumé trends are coming your way.

Between mass layoffs and this year’s hiring trends, you’ll likely see an influx of résumés – and they’ll look and feel a bit different than what you’ve had in recent years.

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Breaking: Supreme Court backs worker in salary OT ruling

What does it mean to be paid on a salary basis – and why is that such an important question?

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Benefits and challenges of culture fit

Whenever you’re looking for a new employee to join your ranks, it’s standard to assess their ability to do a job, reviewing things such as experience, skills and education. However, another factor you should consider carefully is how they fit into your culture. 

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FLSA crackdown continues: DOL targets child labor violations

The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) continues its crackdown on FLSA violations. The latest proof: Four companies recently paid civil penalties, ranging from $15,504 to more than $1.5 million.

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The Anti-Work Movement and 4 ways it will impact you this year

This is an odd subject for HR professionals to read, considering it’s the antithesis of what we care about most. But the Anti-Work Movement will impact the workplace.

So here we are – getting to know the Anti-Work Movement and what we can do to manage, avoid – and possibly accept – it.

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How to fire someone: Tips for letting them go

Firing a team member can be a difficult task for any employer, yet there are times when letting go of an employee is the right decision for a company. 

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Outsourced Human Resources:

Alternative HR | Faces of Sioux Falls

Read about Alternative HR in the Faces of Sioux Falls Publication!

Founder Dan Oakland, Director of Operations Karen DeLange and the entire Alternative HR team are passionate about their human resources profession and their mission: to solve the human resource-related issues that small and medium-sized employers face.

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