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Reimagine workplace culture: 5 trends for HR

Is it time to reimagine workplace culture? Yes – and perhaps it’s overdue.

With turnover rates at all-time highs and employees jumping from one greener grass to the next, HR leaders might need to reimagine a lot: recruiting, retention, morale, perks, benefits, etc.

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Boost loyalty: Increase family benefits beyond the traditional offerings

Ask any executive and they’ll tell you how important family benefits are to their employees. Ask those executives’ employees if their companies are giving them the support and benefits they need as working parents, and the gap between the two answers widens considerably.

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Company sued for disability discrimination after refusing to hire someone taking Adderall

Many companies conduct drug screenings on prospective employees before hiring them, and typically, refusing to hire them for a positive test result is allowed.

However, in a recent lawsuit filed by the EEOC, a company is in legal hot water after doing just that.

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Keep the door open for boomerang employees

You’ve probably had people leave in the last year or so to pursue other avenues. Hopefully, when they parted ways, it was on a good note. Because guess what? The grass isn’t always greener on the other side. And former employees may boomerang back to your yard.

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Well-being: Do employees really believe that HR cares?

Ask any employer where employee well-being ranks on their priority list, and it will likely be close to the top: one thing we’ve learned from The Great Resignation is that employees’ mental health is deeply linked to retention. Employers are taking this seriously!

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