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New disability bias suit echoes familiar theme

A new disability bias suit accuses the Salvation Army of violating the Americans with Disabilities Act by terminating a cashier on the basis of his disability.

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Remote work is a necessity, says younger generations

It’s no secret that many prefer remote work – a study from McKinsey & Company found that 87% of employees who were offered remote work took the opportunity. The study also showed that a flexible work environment is one of the top three motivating factors for finding a new job. 

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How the pandemic will affect employee health plans in 2023

The Business Group on Health’s (BGH) annual health benefits survey of large employers for 2022 was released on Aug. 26, showing what HR needs to focus on for employee benefits and employee health plans for 2023.

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What to do after you get employee survey results back

Employee surveys have become a popular way for employers to demonstrate their interest in their employees’ concerns. But if no action is taken as a result of what you learn from them, your survey efforts will have little benefit and could even have negative consequences.

So how can your organization leverage employee survey feedback to drive engagement and loyalty?

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Quiet Quitting Is About Bad Bosses, Not Bad Employees

Every employee, every workday, makes a decision: Are they only willing to do the minimum work necessary to keep their job? Or are they willing to put more of their energy and effort into their work?

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11 Ideas To Increase Employee Retention And Enthusiasm At Work

If your company has been severely impacted by the Great Resignation, it may be an indication that the management team is out of touch with what employees truly care about and why they signed up to join the business in the first place.

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