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'Woke' training? Employee demands religious accommodation

Picture this: You make arrangements for new employee training that aligns with your company’s diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives.

But one employee objects to the “woke” training and asks for an exemption on religious grounds.


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How remote work gives employees significant time back in their day- and how they’re using it

Pre-pandemic times are a lot different than now. Perhaps the biggest change is the attitude around commuting and in-office work. Daily commutes and everything that dreaded drive brings along with it – from gas money to wasted time sitting in rush hour traffic – was once considered an unfortunate necessity, but it’s not so black and white anymore.

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Need to make a promotion decision? Better read this

Courts understand personal judgment calls play a role in deciding about a promotion. But here’s one key thing to remember: If you’re sued for bias, a court deciding if the candidate has a leg to stand on will likely want to hear exactly why you passed on them.

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3 critical changes to the workplace - and what HR must consider going forward

The way we work has changed over the last couple of years. The critical changes to the workplace have forced employers to change how they operate.

HR managers and employers are rethinking what they offer employees in terms of employee benefits and day-to-day work structure. 

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6 steps to tell anyone anything – even the difficult stuff

Even the most confident HR pros get tripped up delivering difficult messages. And if you have trouble, can you imagine the struggles front-line managers have when they need to cover the difficult stuff?

Here’s what happens when the message is buzzkill: Most people who have to deliver it put it off.

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The rise of the nonlinear workday: Is it time to ditch the 9 to 5?

First, the pandemic changed where we do work. Then, it changed how we do work. Now, workforce changes from the past few years are changing when we do work.

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