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Newsletter                                   April 2017

Title VII of Civil Rights Act of 1964

Landmark Appeals Court Ruling Extends Title VII Protections To LGBT Employees 

Groundbreaking Decision Could Lead Other Federal Courts To Follow Suit

Fisher Phillips, Employment Law Firm reported, "The 7th Circuit Court of Appeals became the first federal court of appeals in the nation to rule that sexual orientation claims are actionable under Title VII. The April 4 ruling is important to employers because it broadens the class of potential plaintiffs who can bring workplace claims against them, and will require employers to ensure fair and equal treatment to all applicants and workers regardless of their sexual orientation."

Why blue-collar industries are facing such a massive skills shortage
Review Applications, Ads, and Postings for Correct EOE Taglines

Summer  Internships
Hiring summer interns? We can help!

Holiday Communication Plan:
The upcoming summer months have three major holidays - 
Memorial Day,Independence Day, and Labor Day.  Make sure all employees are aware of the holiday schedule and work requirements.

Summer PTO Plan/Vacation Request:
With summer rapidly approaching, now is a good time to make sure you have a clear PTO plan and tracking method in place.  To prevent understaffing and promote fairness, consider reviewing the following with your employees:
  • How far in advance do employees need to request off?
  • What is the protocol for coordinating vacation time with coworkers?
  • Is there a system in place for approving time off?
  • Are there any PTO limits? For example, number of consecutive PTO days permitted or number of employees allowed off at a time?

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