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Newsletter                                   August 2017

Are you and your employees ready for the Solar Eclipse?

Next week, Atlanta will experience a partial solar eclipse. The event, being called The Great American Eclipse, will be the first time in 100 years that an eclipse has gone from coast to coast across the United States. Around 2:36pm, more than 90% of the sun will be covered.   How will you handle your distracted workers as they search for solar viewing glasses and optimal viewing locations?  Are you prepared to handle the PTO request?  Lastly, what about viewing day?  Will you embrace the event and host a party?  Do you have workers whose jobs require them to be outdoors and will need safety precautions in place.  Employment law firm Fisher Philips has addressed all these issues and more in the following article:

Welcome Lindsey!  
Our newest team member

We are pleased to announce the addition of Lindsay Bright to our HR Partners Team.   An experienced Technical Recruiter, Lindsay has a passion for Human Resources and looks forward to  joining our team in providing optimum HR support and services to our clients .

A graduate of Auburn University, Lindsay holds a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration .

Lindsay is a huge animal lover and a "puppy mom" to an energetic 10-month-old Retriever/Lab mix.

In her free time, Lindsay enjoys spending time with family and friends, and of course watching Auburn football.

Please join us in welcoming Lindsay to our HR Partners Team!

Correct I-9 form:
Make sure you are using the new I-9 form.  See article above.

Benefits Renewal:  
I s your benefits renewal period in the 4th quarter?  Are you prepared for the anticipated rise in cost?  Start planning now for the predicted increase.  Our team would love to assist you in creating the best benefits package for your employees.

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