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Newsletter                                   May 2017

Healthcare Reform
House Takes First Step Towards ACA Repeal

Employers Should Stay the Course for Now

On May 4th, the House of Representatives passed the American Health Care Act.  According to Fisher Phillips Employment Law Firm, t he following are key changes that would  take effect if the House version of the AHCA went into effect:

1. The current prohibition on pre-existing condition exclusions
would be able to be eliminated in states that request a
2. Medicaid expansion would be repealed;
3. Income-based exchange subsidies would be replaced with
age-based tax credits;
4. The difference between insurance costs for a younger
person and an older person could increase;
5. Essential health benefits in insurance plans could be
eliminated if a state requests a waiver; and
6. The individual mandate penalty would be eliminated.

IRS Announces 
HSA and HDHP Limitations for 2018

The annual HSA contribution limits are set to increase for the 2018 plan year: 
  • $3,450 for Self-only ($50 increase)
  • $6,900 for Family ($150 increase)
Holiday Communication Plan:
The upcoming summer months have three major holidays - 
Memorial Day,Independence Day, and Labor Day.  Make sure all employees are aware of the holiday schedule and work requirements.

Flexible Summer Schedules:
The summer months are a great time to allow flexible schedules if your business model allows.  With the warmer temperatures, flexible schedules allow employees to enjoy seasonal activities and parents more opportunity for summer fun with their students who are out of school.

Summer Internships:
Hiring summer interns? We can help!

Summer PTO Plan/Vacation Request:
With summer rapidly approaching, now is a good time to make sure you have a clear PTO plan and tracking method in place.  To prevent understaffing and promote fairness, consider reviewing the following with your employees:
  • How far in advance do employees need to request off?
  • What is the protocol for coordinating vacation time with coworkers?
  • Is there a system in place for approving time off?
  • Are there any PTO limits? For example, number of consecutive PTO days permitted or number of employees allowed off at a time?

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