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May 2017

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May Contents
  • Vacation / PTO Plans - Seven common questions are addressed
  • Summer Interns "compliance"
  • Summer Dress Code
  • Unemployment Drug Testing
  • Career Opportunities
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With summertime just around the corner we felt it appropriate to share some insight to common questions on Paid Time Off "PTO" that we are posed with frequently:

1. Are employers required to provide paid holidays or PTO ?   No
employer is required to pay for time off on holidays, but there are many 
that employers choose to observe and pay employees. Similarly, there is no requirement that employers must provide PTO, but it's generally an HR essential to attract and retain good employees to read more, click here

The Summer I ntern Question  
Summer is quickly approaching, and so is the time for summer internship programs that college students rely on to gain valuable professional experience. Employers may want to offer those internships without compensation, but is it legal? Here are some things to consider.
When developing an unpaid internship program and related policies, employers should ensure they're in compliance with federal, state and local laws that govern whether their program participants truly are interns. Interns may be entitled to various benefits or guarantees under local laws regardless of their status as a paid or unpaid intern. For example, all interns are protected from workplace harassment and discrimination under the New York State Human Rights Law

To read more, click here.

Relaxed Dress for the Summer
Many employers offer more relaxed dress code policies during the warmer summer months. It may be a good idea to revisit your summer dress code to avoid having to address inappropriate hot-weather attire. Click here  for guidelines and samples to fine-tune your summer dress policy.

Unemployment Drug Testing
President Donald Trump has signed legislation that will give states more leeway to drug test unemployment insurance applicants, but the potential impact of the new law is unclear.

The 2012 amendment to the Social Security Act (SSA) allowed states to drug test unemployment compensation applicants as a condition of eligibility in the following circumstances:
  • If they were fired by their last employer for unlawful drug use.
  • If they were seeking jobs in occupations that regularly drug test.
In 2016, a U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) rule narrowly defined the "occupations" for which drug testing was permitted as those for which testing is required by federal or state law. The DOL said drug testing was permitted for occupations that require carrying firearms or operating vehicles that transport passengers. 

The most recent legislation nixes those DOL regulations.  "The regulations supporting the law have now been repealed, such that the narrow interpretation of the two exceptions above are no longer in place," said Susan Gross Sholinsky and Nancy Gunzenhauser, attorneys with Epstein Becker Green in New York City.

To read more, click here.

Career Opportunity
                Human Resource Director 
                        Springfield, MO   

Mid-Size manufacturer seeking HR Director for Springfield location. Will oversee HR Division with staff supervision, payroll, compensation, benefits, workers' compensation, and employee relations. Requirements include HR Certification, Up to five years work experience within manufacturing environment, global HR experience strongly preferred.

Project Coordinator
Springfield, MO

Day to day activities include handling inbound customer calls, analyzing needs, planning, providing proposals and estimates, working with sales to
design products and services, assuring quality control measures are in place prior to production, following up to assure timely delivery, and determining efficient warehousing and distribution arrangements for various products. Prefer excellent customer service and organization skills.

To learn more click here.  Submit confidential resume/credentials to info@hradvantageweb.net

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