September 2020

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September Contents
    • Back to School: DOL Updates Guidance on FFCRA, FMLA, FLSA
    • September Webinar: COVID-19: Real Scenarios, Questions, and Answers from the Workplace
    • Greene County to Disburse CARES Act Grants
    • DOL Updates FMLA Forms (Download)
    • Ticket Giveaway! SCORE E3 Women's Conference
    • September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month:   Join us in support of St Jude Springfield Virtual Walk/Run!

COVID-19 Labor Updates:
DOL Guidelines for FFCRA, FMLA, FSLA
The Department of Labor continues to provide updates as we move through the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are some references to the most recent guidelines offered by the DOL:

FFCRA and Furloughs: 
Employees who rely on FFCRA leave-whether paid sick leave or expanded family and medical leave-prior to a furlough would be entitled to use only whatever leave they have remaining after returning from the furlough. Similarly, the weeks an employee is furloughed don't count as time on leave under the Act. For example, if an employee used only 4 weeks of expanded family and medical leave before the furlough, upon returning she would be eligible for 8 additional weeks of leave if she has a qualifying reason to take it.

FLSA and Telework:
Under the FLSA, you must pay employees for all hours of telework actually performed away from the primary worksite, including overtime work, provided you knew or had reason to believe it was being performed. That's true even if you didn't authorize the work. You also must pay for unreported hours of telework you know or have reason to believe were performed. You aren't required to pay employees, however, for unreported hours of telework you had no reason to believe had been performed.

Some employers are providing workday flexibility so employees can take time out of the normal workday for personal and family obligations, such as caring for children. If employees begin their duties but take several hours in the middle of the day to care for children and then return to work, you aren't required to pay them for all of the hours between the starting and finishing work-related activities, if the employee was not engaged in work.

Mix of Exempt/Non-exempt Duties: 
Because of the pandemic, exempt executive, administrative, and professional employees may be performing some nonexempt duties. In normal times, the performance of the nonexempt duties could cause them to lose their exemption status and expose an employer to potential FLSA liability for overtime pay. However, the DOL has stated that a COVID-19 public health emergency declared by a federal, state, or local authority temporarily allows otherwise-exempt employees to perform nonexempt duties required by the crisis without losing the exemption, as long as they continue to be paid on a salary basis of least $684 per week.

FLSA And Salary Reductions:
Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), employers are generally permitted to make a reduction in an exempt employee's salary as long as the change is prospective, without discrimination, and the minimum salary requirement is still met (currently $684 per week under the FLSA although state requirements may be higher). The reduction should reflect long term business needs, rather than a short-term, day-to-day or week-to-week deduction from the fixed salary for absences from scheduled work occasioned by the employer or its business operations.

FMLA & Telemedicine:
Due to COVID-19, the DOL will consider telemedicine visits to be in-person visits and allow electronic signatures for purposes of establishing a serious health condition under the FMLA. This is in effect until December 31, 2020.

HRA Team Member Camille Knowles Appointed to Greene County CARES Act Grants Committee

We are proud of HR Advantage Advisor Camille Knowles, who has been appointed to the Greene County Advisory Committee to oversee the CARES Act Relief Fund. Greene County received $34 million in CARES Act federal funds to allocate to programs and services that support the needs of those impacted by the COVID-19 public health emergency. The CARES Act Advisory Committee will review all submitted grant applications and make recommendations to the Greene County Commissioners who will make the final decision. HR Advantage is committed to the hard work of helping our community and businesses with leadership and expertise during these unprecedented times.

The Greene County Commission has developed an organizational structure for payments that centers on six priority areas:
  • Medical
  • Public health
  • Payroll
  • Compliance with COVID-19 expenses
  • Provisional support expenses
  • Other COVID-19 related expenses.
For more information, please visit the Greene County website www.greenecountymo.gov and click on the CARES Act Relief tab. 
Revised FMLA Forms Now Available

The Department of Labor rolled out newly revised FMLA forms this summer, reflecting extensive changes that require more specific information in notices and medical certifications. Use of the forms provided by the DOL are recommended, but optional, as some employers may opt to use their own forms related to FMLA, while collecting the same information.

Notable changes were made to the following forms (click to download):

September 23rd & 24th

The conference will include a nationally recognized keynote speaker, local and national presenters including HR Advisor, Candida Arvizu, on business topics such as HR, finance, marketing, and even self-growth. Networking opportunities will be available over coffee and lunch, and a virtual happy hour!
Or, enter to win a free ticket!
Email elizabeth@hradvantageweb.net by September 14th to enter.
Winner will be notified on September 15th.

St Jude Springfield Walk/Run (Virtual)

HR Advantage is excited to participate in the 3rd Annual St. Jude Springfield Walk/Run to support St. Jude kids and their families--more than 300 of which live in the Ozarks.  We have assembled a corporate team and will be reaching out to our friends and neighbors for support as we walk/run over the next several weeks!  

This year, the St Jude Walk/Run is a virtual event. Corporate teams and individuals may join the walk anytime between now and September 26th!

For our HR friends and business owners with remote and socially distanced employees, this is a great activity to positively engage with employees and come together virtually for a great cause!  Register your team for free or donate on the St. Jude Springfield Walk/Run website!

For more questions on how to participate, contact:
Elizabeth Hurst 
Career Opportunities

 HR Advantage offers executive recruitment of candidates in C-Suite,   Sales, and Administrative positions for our clients. Our firm offers   concierge services to both the employer and candidates, helping to   assure the perfect match. Additionally, we have a database of thoroughly vetted, qualified candidates.  
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Independence, MO
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All placement fees are paid by the employers. No fee is ever charged to an applicant. Applicants may submit resume/credentials confidentially to info@hradvantageweb.net
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