New York State and New York City have updated New York’s sexual harassment training requirements and become the most current state to enhance their sexual harassment laws, the #MeToo movement is definitely affecting more than just Hollywood. New York is moving closer to California with their overhaul of employment laws. In mid-April 2018, New York’s City Council passed 11 separate bills in their area and introduced them as the Stop Sexual Harassment in NYC Act. These bills promised to create a safer and more respectful workplace for their employees. 

While workplace inclusivity is a priority for most organizations, it may be tough to achieve without proper resources. Unconscious bias happens outside of an employee’s control, and clouds their sense of fair judgement. Holding your colleagues and yourself accountable for identifying these biases is an intimidating task. Research indicates that it is possible to reduce and manage unconscious bias through recognition and discussion. Through unconscious bias training, organizations can start the dialogue on how they can provide a more welcoming environment for their employees.

The MeToo movement continues to have impact. For income tax purposes, payment of a judgment or settlement of a suit or claim arising out of a business matter is generally deductible as a business expense. Under the law before the enactment of recent tax reform, this general principle applied to payments in settlement of claims for sexual abuse and harassment.
When implementing your own in-house training program or selecting a compliance training vendor, be advised that there are several steps that need to be completed to meet Federal and State compliance.

In this beneficial and informative Sexual Harassment Training Best Practices Checklist, you will learn about:

  • Trainer Qualifications
  • Visual Presentation Qualifications
  • Training Materials and Handouts
  • Company Harassment and Discrimination Prevention Policy
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