HRAF News Vol. 2019-9
HRAF Announces Community College Initiative
This month we are especially pleased to announce our new HRAF Community College Initiative . In conjunction with this initiative, we are developing new posts on popular topics of interest for undergraduates including food anthropology on television . We are also sharing teaching exercises, including an ethnographic and ethnological research project tailored for introductory courses. Last but not least, learn more about how you can get a sneak preview of the new Beta version of eHRAF World Cultures .
HRAF is pleased to announce a new initiative to expand our engagement with community colleges. The HRAF Community College Initiative recognizes the important role of community colleges in providing students with access to quality, affordable opportunities for higher education.

To support the engagement of community colleges, HRAF is expanding resources for teaching and offering new more affordable membership dues which have been designed to better serve community colleges.

Anthropology faculty, academic librarians, independent researchers, and members of the Society for Anthropology in Community Colleges (SACC) are all invited to contact HRAF with innovative and practical ideas.

For more information please contact Matthew Longcore at [email protected].

Today, popular television shows featuring ethnographic culinary adventures bring food and film together for the enjoyment, entertainment, and enlightenment of foodies and anthropologists alike. 

Our recent post Food Anthropology on Television: Ethnographic Culinary Adventures looks at this television genre, from the late Anthony Bourdain to the current show Uncharted with Gordon Ramsay on National Geographic.

HRAF examines each of the six episodes on the first season of  Uncharted  to demonstrate how  eHRAF World Cultures  and   eHRAF Archaeology  can provide a richer and deeper understanding of the cultural traditions highlighted.

We are also developing a new teaching exercise for Teaching eHRAF to supplement this recent post. Stay tuned!

Our newest teaching activity,  Cultures of the World Research Project , is a three-part ethnographic and ethnological research project (research proposal, report, and presentation) specifically designed for undergraduates in introductory level anthropology courses, including those courses offered at community colleges.

The project involves choosing a cultural behavior and comparing it across three cultures: choosing two nonlocal cultures to read about the behavior and a third local culture to study in-person.

HRAF has been developing a new

One of the exciting and long-awaited new features is a Notebook where users can store their own material, create annotations, labels, search within their selections, and save material for teaching exercises. 
If you would like to have a sneak preview of the Beta, visit eHRAF World Cultures and look for the Beta link in the middle of the landing page.

We hope that members will check out the Beta version and share their feedback with us.
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