Sept. 10, 2020
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The ABCs of Hampton Roads Transportation: An Alphabet Soup
Trying to decipher the transportation planning process in Hampton Roads can be a lot like looking at a bowl of alphabet soup. From time to time, we'll examine the organizations and programs behind the acronyms. This article looks at the role and history of the CTB, also known as the Commonwealth Transportation Board.

Hampton Roads Economic Monthly
For the feature article in our monthly economic report at the very start of the COVID-19 pandemic, we reported on the unprecedented number of weekly initial unemployment claims in the U.S. – which was nearly 3.5 million for the week ending March 21. Since then, the weekly initial and continued unemployment claims statistics have been one of the most reliable and frequently available indicators to help make sense of the impact of COVID-19 on the economy of Hampton Roads.
Keeping Hampton Roads Moving into the Future

Providing for the efficient movement of 1.7 million residents and thousands of visitors in the region presents a multitude of challenges, particularly given the unique geographic features of Hampton Roads.
Hampton Roads Residents Enjoying Bicycle Travel

According to StreetLight Data - a mobility data analytics company that, among other things, uses smartphones as sensors to measure activity on streets - Hampton Roads was one of several major cities that had an increase in total bicycle miles traveled in May 2020 compared to May 2019.
Great American Cleanup!

Spending time outdoors is one of the safest, socially-distant activities one can do these days. With this in mind, askHRgreen.org and Keep Virginia Beautiful invite Hampton Roads neighbors to step outside, Sept. 18-19, and join the Great American Cleanup by hosting a #TeamUp2CleanUp event on the street where they live.
Managing Congestion on Hampton Roads Travel Corridors

The Hampton Roads Congestion Management Process (CMP) is an on-going systematic process for managing congestion that provides information and analysis on multi-modal transportation system performance and on strategies to alleviate congestion and enhance the mobility of persons and goods region-wide.
Public Comment Opportunities
Map of the Month, September 2020

This month’s map depicts population and civilian employment estimates in the Hampton Roads region for 2019. The estimates are mapped based on the census block group geography.
14th Annual Hampton Roads Housing Awards
Regionally Focused COVID-19 Data In One Place
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