We are pleased to announce the release of an entirely new HRS Audio Stand System.
Introducing the Patent Pending
EXR Audio Stand System!
Black EXR-1921-3V
This true-performance, cost-effective design, provides extensive system configuration flexibility and infinite modularity at a lower price point than any of our HRS Audio Stands.
“The EXR is a very innovative, high-performance audio stand system design with unprecedented performance value, modularity, customization (size and configuration), and upgrade options. You can even convert from an EXR Audio Stand System to a SXR, SXR Signature, or SXRC Audio Stand model in the future while preserving a majority of original system purchase price.”
Michael Latvis
Chief Engineer of Harmonic Resolution Systems, Inc
Key Features of the HRS EXR Audio Stand
 *New Patent Pending Design*
  • Space efficient design minimizes total frame height, which gives the EXR Audio System the most vertical component space designed by HRS

  • System configuration can be expanded, revised, or upgraded at any time to preserve the value
  • Innovative frame design increases rigidity and performance which becomes more evident as the frame increases in height
  • Available in a black or silver anodized finish. On the silver EXR Audio Stand, the sides and the back of the shelf are a black finish.
  • Custom sizes are available in 9.5”, 15”, 19”, 21”, 23”, and 25” width with any customer-specified depth, making this your most affordable stand for almost any component.
  • Component spacing on the EXR Audio Stand is available in 6", 8”, 10”, or 12"; as well as custom component spacing of 14", 16", and 18"
Silver EXR-1921-1V

Black EXR-1921-1V

Silver EXR-1921-2V

Black EXR-1921-3V
  • Component spacing can also be changed in the future to fit different component heights should your system needs change.
  • Its asymmetrical 4-leg vertical support system increases frame stiffness and performance; compared to traditional 3 or 4-leg designs.
Silver EXR-1921-3V
  Any HRS Isolation Base models (E1, R3X, S3, and M3X2) can be loaded directly into the EXR Audio Stand at any or all shelf locations
Silver EXR-1921-3V with E1 Isolation Base on top shelf
Black EXR-1921-3V with E1 Isolation Bases on all 3 shelves

Unique Feature:
The EXR Audio Stand System can be upgraded into the HRS SXR, SXRC, or SXR Signature Audio Stand with E1 Isolation Bases using 75% of the original frame parts from the EXR.
Unlike the other HRS Audio Stand Systems, HRS Isolation Bases are not required to be in the EXR Audio Stand System; it can be used alone as it is made from the same plinth as the HRS E1 Isolation Base.
Each EXR shelf includes:
  • Billet-machined aluminum front trim
  • Proprietary HRS constrained layer dampening system
  • Very thick custom pressed resin fabric composite top and bottom plates
  • Scratch-resistant coating on top surface of the non-resonant high-density plinth to preserve the integrity
  • A low profile (1.5” height) design also minimizes space requirements
Silver EXR-1921-5V
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