First Quarter 2015 Newsletter
Dear Participant,

Welcome to our new quarterly newsletters! We are always reinventing ourselves at Heffernan and we wanted to provide you with easy ways to get to the information that matters to you. Below you will find three Life Stages you may encounter during your accumulation phase to retirement. In each of the Life Stages we will provide articles, calculators and resources to help you save, save more and retire on your own terms!
It doesn't matter where you are in life now is the time to take action and save. This is where you can get some sense that whatever action you do take now will put you on track to be able to eventually retire. 

Typically, at this stage, your life has gotten more complicated, you may have multiple accounts in different locations which is making your overall savings strategy harder to maintain. This is also the time to check if you need a mid-course adjustment to be able to have the retirement paycheck you


Congratulations! You are almost there! But, have you examined and reviewed what you really need and want in retirement? This is the stage to conduct a financial plan to be able to understand what you will actually need in retirement and fine tune your plan to ensure you get there
F Finding a Footing
Are you confident that your savings rate and investment strategy will allow for you to retire in 40, 30, 20, or 10 years from now?
B Building a Nest Egg 
Do you need to take make any mid-course adjustments to keep you on track?
C Closing in on Retirement 
Have you looked at your overall strategy to ensure that you get there? Contact Heffernan Retirement Services for an Overall Financial Review today!