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Blake Thibault, of Heffernan Retirement Services, has been selected as a delegate to the National Association of Plan Advisors' (NAPA) DC Fly-In Forum, an exclusive gathering of the nation's leading retirement plan advisors.


As a forum delegate, Blake met in Washington, D.C. to listen to and brief top congressional leaders about the importance and future of the nation's workplace retirement plans, and, as advocates for the employers and participants they work with, share how proposed laws and regulations might impact American workers' retirement security. Blake, a member of NAPA, is one of approximately 200 delegates to participate in the third annual NAPA DC Fly-in Forum July 21-22.    

Stocks Eked Out Modest Gains in Tough Quarter for the Bond Market

  • Economic growth saw a bounce back in the second quarter, after "transitory factors" hurt growth in the first quarter. This bounce back was muted, however, as the stronger dollar and energy-related capital spending cuts that hurt first quarter activity lingered into the second quarter.
  • Stocks eked out 10th consecutive quarterly gain. The S&P 500 produced its 10th straight positive quarter during the second quarter of 2015, though with only a meager 0.3% total return.
  • Quarterly winning streak for bonds was broken. The second quarter of 2015 marked the first quarterly loss for the Barclays U.S. Aggregate Bond Index since the fourth quarter of 2013.
  • Oil bounced back as imbalances began to correct. The Bloomberg Commodity Index was a beneficiary of a rebound in oil prices and gained 4.7% on the quarter.
  • Event driven strategies led gains, while trend following encountered a sharp reversal.
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DC Plan Trends: The IRS Clarifies Rules on Rollover of Retirement Plan Monies
After years of ambiguity around what is and is not allowed regarding the disbursement of after-tax contributions to an employer-sponsored retirement plan, the IRS ruled in September of 2014 that plan participants can roll those dollars into a Roth IRA tax free.