All of us here at HRS are excited to share that the HRS VXR Audio Stand is Officially a Patented Design !
The VXR is a high performance audio stand that is truly and uniquely modular . The modular architecture allows complete customization of shelf quantity, shelf location and frame capacity at time of order or with future system changes. We are thrilled that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has recognized that the engineering of the VXR Audio Stand is truly a uniquely creative design allowing complete customization to better service our customers .
Pictured above: Official Patent Document for the HRS VXR Audio Stand on top of a custom HRS VXR-2334-1V Amp Stand and M3X2 Isolation Base both specifically designed for the new D'Agostino Relentless Monoblock Amplifier .
Please visit our website or contact HRS for more information about the HRS VXR Audio Stand .

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