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"Let Food Be Thy Medicine"

September  2019

Jean Varney
Jeannie Varney
 Nutrition Consultant


Welcome to the Eat Right Be Fit Live Well monthly link roundup.
Each week I read many interesting articles relating to nutrition, fitness and wellness. Here are some of my favorites from the past month. While every article may not be relevant to your personal circumstance, I hope at least one will spark your interest and provide you with a healthy tip you can incorporate into your daily routine.  



Before taking HRT to relieve menopausal symptoms, consider this latest research. (Medscape)

Commonly Used Antibiotics May Lead to Heart Problems: Cipro and other fluoroquinolone antibiotics are often overprescribed despite being linked to negative changes in gut bacteria and heart problems. If your doctor prescribes you Cipro, ask if there is an alternative antibiotic that is equally as effective.  (Science Daily)

Plant-Based Meat Is Not a Panacea: The Beyond Burger and the Impossible Burger (The Impossible Whopper included) while better for the environment and kinder toward animals, are highly processed. If you're eating them in place of processed meat products, great. But, if you're choosing them instead of whole, plant sources of protein like beans, lentils and soy, reconsider. It's too early to know the long-term, health implications of these plant-based burgers but we do know that a predominately whole food, plant-based diet consisting of whole grains, veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds and legumes/beans reduces your risk of ALL chronic diseases. Why not stick to what we know.  (Heated, The Medium)

6 Surprising Foods That Pack a Day's Worth of Added Sugar: These foods are glorified candy bars and/or sodas. Keep them out of your diet. For your reference: 28 grams of sugar = roughly 7 teaspoons of sugar. (Time Health)

29 Fall Superfoods That Will Boost Your Immune System: Here's a great list of foods to enjoy this fall and winter. Make them the center of your meals! Aim to consume 2 servings of fruit and a minimum of 5 servings of veggies every day. (MSN)

How Much Can Exercise Help with Weight Loss? Want to lose weight? If so, focus on what you're eating not how much you're exercising. By no means is this a hall pass to be sedentary. Exercise is essential for overall health. I encourage everyone to be physically active each day. However, working out is not a great weight loss strategy. Here's why. (Nutrition Action)

Eggs: Good or Bad? Love eggs but concerned about the most recent headlines that suggest consuming them increases your risk for heart disease? Have no fear, eggs can definitely be a part of a healthy diet. (Tuft's Nutrition Letter)

New Advice From the Heart Foundation on Meat, Dairy and Eggs: For heart health, continue to get the majority of your protein from plants. That said, some eggs and a little high quality, fermented dairy are fine too ... red meat, not so much. (Heart Foundation Australia)

Organic Dairy Scorecard:   Eating dairy? Choose organic! For the highest quality organic dairy, look for brands listed in the top two categories on this chart. (Cornucopia)

 of Alzheimer's: 
(Tuft's Nutrition Letter)

Top Green Cleaning Products:  Concerned about the negative effects of the chemicals in your laundry detergent and cleaning supplies? Me too! Here's a list of products that you can use to minimize your exposure to toxins while protecting our environment. (EWG )

Don't Be Afraid to Start Over Again!!!  For anyone experiencing a little trepidation about starting something new, I hope this provides you comfort and confidence. You've got this! (Inner Calm Wellbeing)

About Jean Varney 
Jean Varney is the founder and president of Eat Right, Be Fit, Live Well LLC, a health and nutrition consulting firm committed to empowering men and women to improve their health through sustainable changes to their diet and lifestyle.  Based in the Washington DC metropolitan area, Jean coaches clients nationwide by phone and in person.  She focuses on helping individuals make smart choices about the foods they eat in order to maintain high energy levels, avoid unwanted weight gain and decrease their risk of heart disease, cancer, type II diabetes and other chronic illnesses.  Jean received her training at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City.  To learn more about her practice, please visit her website at: