October 28, 2022

And just like that...Term 1 is done!

Well, not for another week technically! But the Term has sure flown by with so much that the HS^2 students and staff have been doing! These past two weeks we continued to add to our outreach happenings with yet another Fire and Rescue Workshop and the completion of now three Elementary School Vision Screenings! We've had two more "Green Day" Wednesdays, and a lot of continued learning in all of our HS^2 Courses!


Did you know that myLC has a handy "To Do" List section? Found by clicking on "To Do" (see red circle), students can sort by current, upcoming, overdue, and submitted/past tasks (see green arrow).

Students should be encouraged to look at their Overdue Tasks specifically, and make plans for submitting and getting caught up on missing work. Current and Upcoming Task Lists can be used for future goal planning and time management planning.


This school year, there is a new outreach opportunity called Aurora Healthcare Exploration Program (HEP). Seven students travel to Aurora Summit every Wednesday for a specific time period of two hours, with two students in each time slot. The students are also split into two groups: ambassadors and PACU assistants.

Ambassadors help patients go from one place to another via wheelchair and deliver certain specimens to labs, rooms, and departments. PACU assistants are responsible for answering phone calls at the desk, and getting ice packs and ice chips for patients just coming out of surgery. They also are responsible for restocking warm towels when they begin to get low.

Written by Carmen R., HS^2 Senior


Interviewee: Lili R., HS^2 Sophomore

Interviewer: Izzy F., HS^2 Sophomore

Why did you choose to transfer into HS^2 this year?

I joined HS^2 from out of the district this year as a sophomore. I wanted to come to HS^2 because I’m interested in the medical field and I knew some people who already were in HS^2 and have had good experiences with it.

What has been your favorite class so far, and why?

My favorite classes are chemistry and physics. I like that physics is self-paced!

What are some extracurricular activities you enjoy?

I do competitive dance at Studio One Dance Company with a lot of my friends. I really like the teachers because they are my mentors, and I love dance because while it is athletic, it also can be art. I also participant in the school's Spanish Club.

What are your future goals?

I would love to attnd the University of Michigan for college, and eventually become a forensic pathologist. This involves examining bodies to find the cause of their death. While in college, I would also like to continue dancing.

What should people know about HS^2?

HS^2 is a close-knit community filled with kind people. I especially love the welcoming atmosphere. This school can push you in certain areas, and the teachers are really good about giving you guidance.

What has your experience been as a new student?

My time thus far at HS^2 has been great. People come up to talk to me even if they don’t know me. I have made lots of good friends! I feel like I fit right in!


Join us on November 2 from 9:30 - 10:15 am at HS^2 for Parent Coffee! This informal opportunity will allow current and future Parents and Guardians to learn more about the school, with a focus on student four year planning and outreach experiences. Please complete this google form if you are interested in joining us on November 2!

Next parent coffee: December 7, 2022


HS^2 will be hosting 8th Grade Parent Information Nights on the dates listed above. These meetings are for students and families who are interested in attending HS^2 for the 2023-2024 school year. Please spread the word if you know anyone who is interested in learning more about our school. For more information click HERE.

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11/3: End of Term 1

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