May 13, 2022



AP Exams are finishing up TODAY, which means that Spring Workshops will start on Monday May 16 and will run until the end of the HS^2 school year on June 2nd. Students signed up recently for their proposed schedule, and after some adjusting to accomodate student need and section numbers, have been emailed their workshop schedule this week. While students are still required to attend their Legacy classes during Workshops (and until June 8 following the campus blue/gold schedule), many HS^2 classes might either be concluding this week or are offering flexibility of which block a student signed up for.

We're excited to see the students start workshops with the hopes of finishing up their required classwork, reassessing as needed, and having some unique opportunities!


HS^2 Health / Wellness Educator

What is your favorite thing about HS^2?

Professionally, I like that I have the opportunity to be me when it comes to my teaching style and content. I like that I get to work with highly educated staff who make me a better teacher. I enjoy having the ability to really get to know students and how HS^2 is like one big, happy family.

What is something people may not know about you?

I lived in Las Vegas after college.

What is your favorite hobby?

I like gardening, have a love-hate relationship with hot yoga, love paddle boarding on the beautiful lakes of lake country, and I love summer activities.


What is your favorite class that you teach?

Nutrition content-wise. But, it always depends on the student dynamic.

Where did you graduate college?

Carroll University

How long have you been teaching at HS^2?

5 years

Written by Kaylee M., HS^2 Junior



Throughout the school year, the HS^2 Anatomy students have been studying different bones, muscles, and processes that happen within the human body. Students have been working on an Anatomy coloring book throughout the school year to help accompany their studying. Additionally, the students have had opportunities to watch surgeries and view the HS^2 cadaver. To finish off the year, groups of students are building Muscle Men to showcase their knowledge of the various muscles in the human body!

Written by Carmen R., HS^2 Junior


2019 HS^2 Graduate

What have you been up to since High School?

I am currently a Sophomore at the Marquette University College of Health Sciences. Since graduating HS^2, I have been primarily furthering my education, but have also gained work experience as a CNA and a lab technician for a research lab at MCW that investigates photobiomodulation as a novel treatment for breast cancer. I also conduct research for another lab at Marquette University that investigates cocaine addiction to look for ways to treat and reduce drug craving, and investigates schizophrenia in order to find better methods for reducing its symptoms.

How did HS^2 prepare you for your future?

HS^2 prepared me for the future by introducing me to the unique opportunities that are available in the medical field (such as research), allowing me to better myself as both a student and researcher.

Screenshot 2022-05-10 141742.jpg

Is there anything specific you enjoyed about HS^2?

The community of HS^2 was very supportive, whether it be the teachers or peers that I got to work with, to the point where I would learn something new every day or have an opportunity to better myself. The Costa Rica service trip as well was a unique experience that I truly enjoyed.

What advice would you give to current and future HS^2 students?

My advice to other HS^2 students is to always take opportunities that come your way because it is better to fail while trying than having not tried at all. We often doubt our capabilities and stay in our comfort zone, the best thing you can do is get comfortable with the discomfort, as that is when people grow personally the most.

Interviewer: Kaylee M., HS^2 Junior



Hi! My name is Kaylee M. and I am a Junior at HS^2. For my Outreach I contacted multiple Physical Therapists, hoping to find a shadowing experience, as it is an area of interest to me. After completing the brainstorming, planning, and approval process, I was able to set up an experience with Dr. Sydney Cope at Kinetic Sports Medicine and Performances (KSMP) in Delafield. KSMP specializes in working with athletes to return to play and maximize their performance by offering physical therapy, athletic training, and strength and conditioning.

During my shadowing, I was able to watch these athletes grow both physically and mentally. I also got to witness and learn many different things such as dry needling and which exercises are best for certain muscles, for healing, or for strengthening.

One of the most memorable patients for me, was experiencing hip problems, and came in quite frequently. The first time I met her she wouldn't stop talking about how she was in so much pain, and just wanted to give up on trying to fix it. The last appointment that I was there for, she had been saying how she's been going to the gym and working hard, saying that the exercises we were giving her were too easy and that she wanted more of a challenge.

Written by Kaylee M., HS^2 Junior


The Senior celebrations for the Class of 2022 are coming up soon! As the Seniors move closer to their graduation date, there are several key events that they should know about and look forward to.

  • May-June: Senior Profiles for Social Media will go out using the information students provide using the linked survey. Information provided will also be used to recognize Seniors for any awards or scholarships they’ve earned through the KM Education Foundation and other community/college sources.
  • June 1st (6 pm): HS^2 Graduation in the KMHS auditorium.
  • June 2nd (6 pm): All Seniors and their parents are invited to attend Scholarship Award night in the KMHS auditorium.
  • June 3rd (8 pm - 11:30 pm): KMHS Senior Night - a night filled with fun activities, games, and food for the seniors to enjoy. This event will be taking place on the KMHS campus.
  • June 5th (2 pm): KM Campus Graduation on the Football Field

In this issue of HS^2 Counseling News, you will find information about:

  • Seniors - Final Transcript
  • ACT Test Prep Opportunities
  • Summer Opportunities
  • ... and more
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5/16 - 6/2: HS^2 Spring Workshops

5/30: No School

6/1: HS^2 Graduation @ 6 pm

6/2: Last day of HS^2 Classes

6/5: KMHS Campus Graduation @ 2 pm

6/8: Last day of KMHS Classes

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