September 2, 2022


2022 - 2023 SCHOOL YEAR!

Welcome back to school after what we hope was a very relaxing and refreshing summer vacation! We are HAPPY to welcome back our students and staff this week for another great school year!

We have some exciting things happening this year in HS^2 with more outreach opportunitites, continuing our "Green Day" sessions, new courses, and new school goals! Throughout the year we will be inviting you to learn more through the HS^2 Newsletter, Social Media, Parent Coffee, Term Progress Reports, and Conferences to name a few! If there is something you're interested in hearing more about, or if you would like to celebrate the achievements of a student(s), please fill out the form at the bottom of the Newsletter!


Congratulations go out to Mr. Van Dyke (HS^2 / Legacy Science Educator) for being named Kettle Moraine School District's 6-12 Educator of the Year and to Mrs. Neimon (KMHS Campus Charter School Counselor) for being named the Kettle Moraine School District's Beam of Light!


Ms. Angie McLean

What school are you coming from? KM Legacy, but I've been at Waukesha North recently.

What courses will you be teaching this year? English I/II Alpha and AP Language and Composition

An interesting fact about you...I only had two wisdom teeth!

What are you looking forward to while at HS^2? I'm so excited to get to know students and families for their entire stint of their time with KM!

Sra. Andrea Mather

What school are you coming from? Hamilton High School

What courses will you be teaching this year? Spanish 1 - 4

An interesting fact about you...I've been to over 20 countries and love travelling! 

What are you looking forward to while at HS^2? I'm looking forward to being back at KM, this time as a teacher, and working with some of my former teachers.

CONFERENCES ~ September 22nd & 27th

We are excited to welcome students and families to meet in person on September 22nd and 27th to establish a parent-student-advisor relationship and communication loop through our student-led conferences! You should have received an email on how to set up a conference with your student’s advisor this week. If you did not receive an email, or if the times/days do not work for you, please contact your student’s advisor through the “staff contact” link found at the bottom of this newsletter.


That's correct! HS^2 is going cell phone free!

As always, the staff at HS^2 constantly looks at our past school year and thinks of ways to try to improve engagement, collaboration, community, and student achievement. We are hopeful that by eliminating the distractions that come with student cell phone use, this will be a step in the right direction!

How does it work? Every teacher in the school has a cell phone "hotel" that the students drop their phone into at the beginning of the class. At the end of the class, students are able to retrieve their phone for use until their next class. Students are also able to utilize their phone during lunch.

After the first day of school, we are excited to see how this change has already impacted the HS^2 community in a positive way!


Design Your Own ~ Owen E.

This past June, shortly after the 2021-2022 school year ended, HS^2 Senior Owen E was able to participate in the UW-Madison Pharmacy Summer Program. He applied to this program in Spring 2022 and was 1 of 20 students from across Wisconsin and the greater Midwest who participated. During the week that he stayed at UW-Madison, Owen was able to thoroughly tour multiple practicing pharmacies and hospitals, practice some of the essential skills that pharmacists use daily, and learn about groundbreaking research in the pharmaceutical industry. He was even able to get in touch with practicing pharmacists and experts in pharmacy for future job opportunities!


Calendar Highlights

9/5: Labor Day ~ No School

9/22: Advisory Conferences

9/27: Advisory Conferences

9/30: Staff Development Day ~ No School

10/5: Parent Coffee @ 9:30 am

11/3: End of Term 1

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