April 29, 2022
AP Exams:
While some AP Courses have had portfolio projects, papers, and presentations that students have been submitting to the College Board throughout the school year, AP Exams are the culminating event of the course! AP Exams will occur over the next two weeks from May 2 to May 13. Specific exam time and locations can be found here.

Spring Workshops:
After AP Exams are concluded, Spring Workshops will start on May 16 and will run until the end of the HS^2 school year on June 2nd. While students are still required to attend their Legacy classes during Workshops (following the campus blue/gold schedule), many HS^2 classes might either be concluded or will offer flexibility of which block they sign up for. When a class is not meeting, students have agency to still sign up for extra course work time, sign up for extra time in a class that wouldn't normally meet on that particular day, or sign up for unique classes such as Current World Issues, Outdoor Games, Escape Rooms, Podcasts and Desmos Selfies, and much more. Students will be signing up for Spring Workshops in the next couple of days.
The Senior celebrations for the Class of 2022 are coming up soon! As the Seniors move closer to their graduation date, there are several key events that they should know about and look forward to.

  • May-June: Senior Profiles for Social Media will go out using the information students provide using the linked survey. Information provided will also be used to recognize Seniors for any awards or scholarships they’ve earned through the KM Education Foundation and other community/college sources.
  • June 1st (6 pm): HS^2 Graduation in the KMHS auditorium.
  • June 2nd (6 pm): All Seniors and their parents are invited to attend Scholarship Award night in the KMHS auditorium.
  • June 3rd (8 pm - 11:30 pm): KMHS Senior Night - a night filled with fun activities, games, and food for the seniors to enjoy. This event will be taking place on the KMHS campus.
  • June 5th (2 pm): KM Campus Graduation on the Football Field
Interviewee: Alyssa D., HS^2 Sophomore
Interviewer: Kaylee M., HS^2 Junior
What is your favorite thing about HS^2?
My favorite thing about HS^2 is all of the connections that I have made. HS^2 is a small community of people, where everyone is included and welcoming. If you ask any of the upperclassmen for help, they are always willing to help.

How has being in a charter school impacted your High School experience?
It has allowed me to create close relationships with some of my teachers and the people around me. I will be with these people for the rest of my High School career, so creating bonds now will hopefully help me later.

What are your plans for after High School?
I want to do something in the medical field. Ideally some kind of Pediatric Doctor, but I am not really sure. Since I am planning on taking EMT, I hope to work as an EMT in the area where I go to college to help support my education.
What is your favorite outreach you have completed?
I am currently in EMR, and I really enjoy it. I really like to learn about all of the Emergency Medical Services and then actually practice applying them. This allows me to practice my skills before taking EMT.

What is your advice for current and future underclassmen?
My biggest piece of advice is to make sure that you get your work done on time. When you get behind, it is harder to get back on track. Also make good relationships with your teachers and peers around you, it will help.
For this newsletter’s outreach spotlight, we interviewed Kabir Ali J., an HS^2 Junior who is involved in the SUPREMES research program at the Medical College of Wisconsin.
What is the SUPREMES program?
SUPREMES is a year-long research program for High School students at the Medical College of Wisconsin. I work with professors and post-graduate students to learn the fundamentals of reading and writing research papers, as well as learning procedures for conducting research experiments in the lab.

What are you researching right now?
I am researching NTHi, a bacteria that commonly causes infections in the respiratory tract. Specifically, I am researching how NTHi connects to and interacts with cystic fibrosis and how to best treat NTHi infections in people with cystic fibrosis.

What are some of the procedures and tests you perform in a laboratory?
I conduct assays, which are small, standardized tests within a larger procedure, on cells. One example of these tests is conducting PCR tests to analyze DNA. Another thing I do is introduce macrophages (immune cells) to NTHi bacteria and study how the macrophages neutralize the bacteria and how efficient they are.

What are some skills you are learning at SUPREMES that you will take into your future?
One of the biggest skills I am learning is how to read and write academic journals, which will be very helpful for my future career in research. Learning these standard tests for cell cultures is also a helpful skill for my future.

What do you think that people should know about SUPREMES?
If you are at all interested in a career in the medical field, especially a career in medical research, SUPREMES would be a great program for you!
Interviewee: Vincent A., 2020 HS^2 Graduate
Interviewer: Owen E., HS^2 Junior
What have you been up to since High School?
I am just finishing my second year at Carroll University where I have been taking a handful of General Education classes. I will be transferring to WCTC next semester to obtain my Associates Degree to become a Paramedic. Other than that, I have a few jobs that keep me busy. I work at Lake Country Fire and Rescue as a Firefighter/EMT. I also work at Aurora Summit in the Emergency Room as a Tech, and in the Operating Room as an Anesthesia Tech. On top of that, I also work at Froedtert Hospital in the Emergency Department/Trauma Center as a Tech. When I get my Paramedic License, I plan to work as a full-time Firefighter/Paramedic.
How did HS^2 prepare you for your future?
HS^2 greatly prepared me for both college and life in general after High School. Not only were the teaching methods similar between HS^2 and Carroll, HS^2 really allowed me to gain the working relationships I needed to get hired at the places I currently work. If HS^2 never provided the outreach opportunities that I received, I'm not sure I would be where I am today or have the experiences I've had so far.

Is there anything specific you enjoyed about HS^2?
I really appreciated the small classes and the working relationships we were able to create with the Teachers. Every grade level seemed to be a small family and every student was always willing to help other students with difficult classes or challenging homework. I also really benefited from the outreach we were provided.

What advice would you give to current and future HS^2 students?
Advocate for yourself and create the future that you want. Don't wait for the future to come and see what happens. If you want to work somewhere, or go to a specific college, or experience something, don't wait to graduate High School to get started. Write an email, make a phone call, or talk to someone who can help get you where you want to be. I was turned down from every job I applied for in High School the first time I applied, but I persisted and eventually was hired. It may be a challenge, but it will be well worth it in the end!
Our next, and last parent coffee for the 2021 - 2022 school year, will be on May 4 from 9:30 - 10:15 am at HS^2! This informal opportunity will allow current and future Parents and Guardians to learn more about the school, with a focus on school operations, community partnerships, outreach, and volunteering.

Please complete this google form if you are interested in joining us on May 4!
In this issue of HS^2 Counseling News, you will find information about:
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Calendar Highlights
5/2 - 5/13: AP Exams

5/4: Parent Coffee

5/6: No School ~ Staff PD Day

5/16 - 6/2: HS^2 Spring Workshops

5/30: No School

6/1: HS^2 Graduation @ 6 pm

6/2: Last day of HS^2 Classes

6/5: KMHS Campus Graduation @ 2 pm

6/8: Last day of KMHS Classes
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