January 28, 2022
1st Semester officially came to an end on January 21st! Any courses that were completed at the end of the semester have now been transcripted within Infinite Campus. A reminder that while some HS^2 courses are ending, any HS^2 all-year-long courses will not have a grade transcripted until the end of the school year!

During the first half of February, 9-11th graders will complete course registration for the 2022-2023 school year. In preparation, students will have one-on-one conversations with their advisors about graduation requirements, the course selection process, and possible courses of interest. During February conferences, students, parents, and advisors will review the graduation requirements and discuss potential course selections.

Based on these conversations, each student will fill out a Google Form to register for their 2022-2023 HS^2 courses. If students would like to take any Legacy courses, they will enroll for those through Infinite Campus. The registration for Legacy classes opens at 8:00 am on Monday, February 7 and closes at 3:00 pm on Friday, February 18. With the many opportunities for conversations and discussions, it is hoped that students and parents can make the best choices for academic success for the 2022-23 school year.
Math Theories and Games:
Mr. Doty offered this session over the winter workshops and since it was so well received by students, he's bringing it back once every two weeks. It is all about taking a closer look at philosophical ideas and abstract concepts in math. During sessions, students might lead discussions, play math-based games, or even break down unproven math theorems at a High School level.

Bullet Journaling:
Mrs. Kopidlansky is offering Bullet Journaling which allows students to relax while growing their organization skills and helping them stay on track. Offered twice a month, this session allows students to create a bullet journal for anything from school schedules to habits, using page templates and decorations.
Interviewee: Emma Z, HS^2 Freshmen
Interviewer: Julie S, HS^2 Junior

What do you like about HS^2?
Emma really likes that in HS^2 there are a lot of options, choices, and that the school holds students accountable. She says that the different structures of teaching are very different and helpful.

Why did you choose to come to HS^2?
Emma thought it would be interesting to explore healthcare and science.

What do you do outside of school?
Emma works at Culvers and is in the Drama Club. She also likes art, sewing, building things, and puzzles!
What outreach experience have you had? Any highlights?
As a freshmen, Emma hasn't had a lot of outreach experience, but did participate in the two week Lake Country Fire and Rescue workshop this Fall. She is interested in taking an offered CNA course for outreach in the future.

What are your future goals?
Emma would like to work in the dental field.

What should people know about HS^2?
Emma wants people to know that HS^2 is a very good community. Being that it's small, it is impactful and really easy to get to know everyone!
Our next parent coffee will be on February 2 from 9:30 - 10:15 am at HS^2! This informal opportunity will allow current and future Parents and Guardians to learn more about the school, with a focus on school operations, community partnerships, outreach, and volunteering. Please complete this google form if you are interested in joining us on February 2!

Next parent coffee: March 2, 2022
In this issue of HS^2 Counseling News, you will find information about:
  • KMEF Scholarship
  • ACT Prep Opportunities
  • Dick Ohm Merit Awards
  • ... and more
The Kettle Moraine School District is proud to partner with Teachers On Call to provide exceptional substitute teachers and educational assistants. Teachers On Call invests in their employees, recognizes their achievements, and is committed to the noble purpose of educating our youth.

As a Teachers on Call substitute, you’ll enjoy:
  • Free pre-hire training (for substitute teacher and aide or assistant positions)
  • Ongoing professional development
  • Steady, yet flexible, work you can feel good about
  • Weekly pay
  • Your preference of schools
Calendar Highlights
2/2: Parent Coffee

2/18: Virtual School Day ~ PT Conferences

2/21: No School ~ Staff PD Day

3/2: Parent Coffee

3/8: ACT Day (Juniors) / Virtual School Day (Grades 9, 10, & 12)

3/21 - 3/25: No School ~ Spring Break
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